The Bachelor and Bachelorette Brackets

Bachelorette Bracket Cheat Sheet – JoJo’s Season!

From 26 suitors to 20. The first picks of the Bachelorette Bracket season are a joyful adventure in guessing. (Remember the season I thought Kelsey the school counselor had potential? Yikes. I missed the mark there.)

Based on a few producer-selected answers to generic questions (“You have how many tattoos?”), I use my keen understanding of the Bachelor franchise and unrelenting optimism (“Of course they aren’t going to keep that drama-causing person around this year!”) to choose a winner before even knowing who will show up the first night in a cupcake car.

This year, some of our contestant highlights are:

  • three guys who reference “The Notebook”
  • someone whose occupation is “hipster” (no tattoos)
  • the guy who keeps referring to himself as a “lambo” (occupation: male model)
  • four guys who list “Dumb and Dumber” as a favorite movie
  • six guys who list “The Gladiator” as a favorite movie
  • two guys who want to impress Mark Cuban
  • an “Erectile Dysfunction Expert” whose turn-offs include chipped nail polish…
  • the person who answered “myself in ten years, alright, alright, alright” to the questions: person you would want to have lunch with, person you want to be for a day, and person you most admire (To be fair, he acknowledge his greatest achievement in his life is being hot.)
  • a guy who doesn’t believe in gluten allergies (Sorry all you folks with celiac disease!)

I base my first-night bracket solely on the bios, not the picture. Use whatever methodology you’d like at (invite friends). I can’t quite talk the S.O. into joining, but I think I’ve got a shot at getting my brother involved this year. Maybe we need to put money on it!

Here are my super awesome cheat sheets in 8.5×11 and 11×17 format. It’s a quick reference sheet for those of us who can’t figure out which guy is saying that incredibly dumb/romantic/hilarious thing.

bachelorette 2016 8.5×11

bachelorette 2016 11×17

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