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5 ways using a daily agenda improved other parts of my life

Since I began using this agenda system back in early March 2017, a number of other organizational responsibilities have fallen in line.

1. Mail? What mail?

I recently moved to a new apartment. One of my concerns was mail getting lost in the shuffle. My old apartment was not the most reliable when it came to notifying you of mail in the first place, so I knew they weren’t going to track me down  to give me my Boxycharm or my ND Alumni magazine if I forgot to update those addresses. A $65 rebate for my contacts would be an incredibly sad thing to lose. So I made a list of all the mail I was anticipating receiving on a sticky note and put it on the corner of my agenda. As things came, I crossed them off. At the end of the week, I’d move the sticky note with the remaining items to the next week. This habit has been invaluable.

2. Pet Tuesday

An ex got me into the habit of setting a day for taking care of Bentley–washing his food bowls, brushing him and his teeth, charging his FitBark, etc. Unfortunately, even with this awesome weekly dry erase board hanging in my room, I still would forget about Pet Tuesday. I needed something that was in my face. Writing Pet Tuesday down every week has made sure I brush Bentley’s teeth, something he doesn’t love but his vet appreciates. Last year Dr. Johnson told me that Bentley had “the worst plaque build up I’ve ever seen on a one-year-old dog.” Talk about a come-to-Jesus moment.

3. Work Out

I stepped up my work out game solely by writing it down. I worked out three times a week since the first week of February, and the shame of seeing it written down has definitely contributed to my success. Sure, I don’t go every day I have it written down. My two o’clock work out is definitely not happening on days I have late afternoon meeting. However, when I was in Greece, the climb to the top of the Acropolis wasn’t miserable.

4. Meal Planning and Budgeting

I’ve become better at planning ahead for meals and grocery shopping in order to reduce cost and improve my healthy choices. I’m even successfully maintaining a Google Docs list of all the items in my freezer and my pantry (invaluable for meal planning). A separate Google Doc holds my meal planning, which I organize every other week. This helps me stay on task when going to the grocery store and minimizes the amount of potential food waste.

5. Project Completion

I have completed several large tasks that had been sitting on my back burner for a while, including uploading every single item of clothing I own into the Stylebook app–a virtual closet I’m using to stay organized since my new place has limited closet space. Stylebook is amazing. It took me a while to add all my clothes, but it wasn’t as time consuming as I thought it was. Since I added brand, size, color, and cost to each item, Stylebook gives me stats on my cost per wear, shows me items I haven’t ever worn, allows me to create outfits, has packing list features, and has search capabilities. It’s also beneficial in keeping me from spending on other clothing since I’m able to see at a glance what similar items I already own or if I even have coordinating pieces to make a complete outfit.

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