Boxycharm Review

Boxycharm Review – Still valuable the second year?

Another year, another Boxycharm Review. Year two has come and gone. With it, I have had some disappointments (October 2016) and some highlights (OFRA’s Rodeo Drive highlighter in particular). I have learned so much more about makeup and feel far more qualified to comment on the quality of the products received vs. just a “fun” or “wow” factor.

I decided to streamline this review more efficiently than I did Year One. I’ll start with the numbers, then I’ll skip to a color coded green/love, black/like, red/hated section by month with some minor details on why.

One thing to note is the repetition of products. I’m stocked up on so many (decent but not great) eye shadow palettes and (amazing) highlighters, but I haven’t received a mascara or eyeliner in almost a year.

The Numbers

Total Cost of 12 months of Boxycharm: $236 (On 3 month plan)

Total Value of Products I Loved: $546.67

Total Costs of All the Products: $1,486.46

Percentage of Cost Loved: 36.78%

Percentage of Cost Liked: 45.16%

Percentage of Cost Hated: 18.06%




The Monthly Breakdown

A quick note on this section. Green means I LOVED the product. Red means I hated the product. Hate in this context is something I threw away or gave away because it was so useless to me. The remainders I was apathetic about for one reason or another. It hasn’t fallen apart yet, the staying power doesn’t blow me away but I like the shade, etc. If you have questions on what I left out–why I felt ambivalent about certain products or more details on my thoughts on others, please let me know!

July 2016

OFRA Professional Magnetic Palette (& 6 eyeshadows), $59; I needed an empty palette when this one came along, but the quality of the palette along with the neutral eye shadows was hard to beat
PYT Hair Oil Treatment, $30; I’m picky about hair treatments, but hair oil is something I doubt I will ever want or need. 
Noyah Lip Gloss, $16
Mally Beauty Rounded Blender Brush, $15; I use this brush all the time! It’s a great blending brush.

August 2016

Coastal Scents Blush + Bronzer Mini Palette, $13.95; I love this primarily because it came with a wonderful, angled brush for light contouring. 
Beauty For Real Shadow Stx, $19; Sure it looks cute until you open your eyes. Nothing I did gave this any staying power.
Aloette Time Repair Serum, $48
Doucce Cosmetics Maxlash Volumizer Mascara, $22
Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick, $10; I loved this primarily for the vibrant orange-ish red shade.

September 2016

butterLONDON – Trend Nail Lacquer, $15
PUR Cosmetics – Lip Lure, $22; This felt gooey and transferred to everything. I hated the swizzle application as well. (Update: For more, see my Project Pan category as I try to use this up!)
Studio Makeup Warm Up Eyeshadow Palette, $49.95
Project Beauty Hairgurt – Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque, $11; I don’t want my hair to smell like strawberry banana yogurt smoothies.
Hikari Cosmetics – Eyeliner, $13

October 2016

Briogeo Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant, $24
Japonesque Pro Performance Lip, $20; This is the month I almost canceled my subscription because I got this, the shittiest hot pink lip gloss ever, while everyone else got a beautiful mauve lipstick. I know that happens, but given my disappointing September (and an upcoming disappointing November), I was ready to cancel for good.
Iby Beauty Threes Company Trio Eye Shadow, $19
Luxie Beauty Eye Blender Brush Pack, $36 (Update: This ended up being a favored item for me as I learned more about eyeshadow.)
Temptu Shimmer Bronzer, $29; Immediate in the trash; This shade was horrible for my skin, did not blend well, and wound up looking streaky.

November 2016

Studio Makeup Cool Down Palette, $49.95
Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease, $12.99
Makeup Geek Blush Powder, $10
Marula Pure – Marula Face Oil, $58
Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme, $20; I don’t know how they define “kiss proof” but it is obviously different than my definition…

December 2016

Pure Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette, $50; This was a fun dupe of the Naked 3 palette. 
butterLONDON Nail Lacquer, $15
OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick, $19.90; This Napa Valley shade is a metallic purple. OFRA’s metallic liquid lipsticks are not as great as their matte, but I love them so much that receiving this made me so happy!
Makeup Eraser Mini Makeup Eraser, $12; I didn’t sign up for Boxycharm to get gimmicky As Seen on TV crap. 
IBY Beauty Lip Liner, $14

January 2017

Vintage Highlighter Double, $35; In retrospect, this wouldn’t be in green. But in January, I was stoked to be receiving this highlighter (which I still use for a more subtle highlight).
So Susan Fan Brush, $18.95; I was shopping for a fan brush when I got the Boxycharm reveal for this, so I was extremely excited.
GLOW For A Cause Body Butter, $14
PUR Mineral Glow Bronzer, $25
Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat, $18

February 2017

Sedona Lace Trio Eye Kit, $39.95
Makeup Geek 2 Eyeshadow Pans, $12
Doucce Mineral Matt Lipstick, $20; This red feels luxurious and the product looks suave.
Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, $79; I’ve loved Dr. Brandt’s products since receiving them in a Birchbox back in the day. I highly recommend their Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner.
Z Palette, Small Z Palette, $14; I don’t need another Z Palette, but this is still a delight to get. I’ll use it eventually.

March 2017

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, $16; I want to love this primer, but I can’t. I feel my makeup stays better without it, and I’m sadly searching for a friend who will take the rest of mine.
Crown Brush SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush, $18.99; There are no words for how much I LOVE this brush. I don’t know how to express it. Please go find it and buy it so you can enjoy it yourself.
Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Palette, $39.99; I love these bold colors and the super pigmented eyeshadow. It was a fun mix up from boring neutrals and subpar formulas.
RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick, $15; This formula is super sticky. For the cost, there are so many better matte liquid lipsticks out there (OFRA).
RealHer LipLiner, $12.50

April 2017

OFRA Rodeo Drive Highlighter, $35; Putting this on makes me feel like I’m an Academy Awards statue. It’s bling in the best way.
PUR Blend Squad 3-Piece Contour Blending Sponges, $36
Measurable Difference Concealer Palette, $19.99; I was initially very excited for this, so ultimately very disappointed when the product came. The concealer is thick, oily, and hard to blend. It was extremely difficult to work with.
Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss, $16
Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo, $10; See my previous comment about not wanting to smell like a fruit snack.

May 2017

IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Palette, $40
Crown Pro Round Contour Brush, $24.99; I had been wanting to try this.
The BrowGal Brow Brush, $14; I was in need of new brow products, and these are good.
The BrowGal Convertible Brow – 02, $35; I was in need of new brow products, and these are good.
Temptu – Liquid Glow, $29.50; I don’t like this product, and I’d received a very similar Temptu product less than a year ago from Boxycharm.

June 2017

RealHer Eyeshadow Palette I, $28
Biobelle Cosmetics 3 Sheet Masks, $14.97; I’m not a big fan of sheet masks–at least not the ones we’ve been getting in Boxy.
Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder, $26.99
OFRA Liquid Lipstick (Santa Ana), $19.90; I already had this color, but I love OFRA.
Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640, $24; Another brush that I didn’t have yet, so I was excited for it.


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