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Blogtober: October blog-a-day goal

I’ve been neglecting my blog somewhat. And my agenda and my goal setting and my work out routine, etc. Basically, I’ve been neglecting most things that have been making me feel centered, happy, and accomplished. The result being, I spend quite a bit of time feeling less-than-great about myself.

Luckily for me, we’ve reached the autumn season. And while you shouldn’t have to wait for a new season for new opportunities, you can’t deny the benefit of feeling like your own, personal movement for change corresponds with change in the air and the world around you. People are more likely to succeed at habit changes whenever they move. Something about the new location allows you to more easily access the “new” you.

I, however, am not moving again. So I am relying on the cooling of the weather, the crispness of the air, and the rotation of my wardrobe to include more warm sweaters and fewer shorts to signify for me that it’s time for a change.

One thing I’m really excited about pursuing is a “do one thing every day for a month.” I haven’t sorted out all my months and all my goals yet. I think this could be–or not be–anything. Meditate every day for a month; leave for work fifteen minutes early every day for a month; journal every day for a month. Or don’t buy any non-essentials for a month; don’t eat meat for a month; don’t drink for a month.

This month, however, we’re beginning with the simple–and the challenging. I’m going to post a blog every day this month. This idea came to me somewhat recently, half-inspired by a Youtuber who does a “Youtober” challenge. Thus, I have not spent most of September preparing for this Blogtober. Yet, I believe in myself and hope that my eagerness to complete challenging goals will surpass my will to binge watch new television shows.

So wish me well and check back often. I’ll be here all month.

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