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Fall Bucket List!

One of my 30-by-30 list items was making the most of every holiday. I want to decorate gingerbread houses, dye Easter eggs, drink green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, and watch Bill Pullman give the most inspiring speech a President has ever made on the Fourth of July.

A problem with my 30-by-30 list was items like this are not measurable. So I felt I’d achieved the item with a season or a year of great events. But then the next season rolled around without note. Did I still accomplish the goal if it didn’t become a forever habit?

I’d argue yes, because sometimes these type of goals are about achieving an end more than they are about establishing a beginning.

With the arrival of October, I thought I should give myself a measurable approach to the season’s festivities. So here’s my Fall bucket list.

  1. Costume Bentley
    I spent way too much on a discontinued dog costume pattern that ended up still being way too small for baby boy… But we’re persisting in Bentley costuming plans.
  2. Decorate pumpkins
    My parents have quite a few pumpkins in their garden that need to be used up. So I’ll be taking the opportunity to do some decorating!
  3. Roast pumpkin seeds
    My mom says she’s never had pumpkin seeds before! I’m going to make a few different flavors of roasted pumpkin seeds for her to try when she gets back.
  4. Watch scary movies
    I started this last night by finally watching Get Out. Then I decided to spend today watching a classic movie I’ve never seen before (Citizen Kane). Maybe I need to target the classic horror movies I have yet to see. (Alien, Halloween, and The Birds are all on my list of classics to watch.)
  5. Play with Halloween makeup
    I don’t have a costume picked out for myself yet. Despite the amazing hair style I did last year to complement my Medusa costume, I played it safe on makeup. I feel so much more accomplished with makeup now, and I enjoy playing with it. I’d love to spend a few hours creating a Halloween look, just for fun.

That’s it! It’s not much of a Fall bucket list, but we’re already a week into the month. I’m looking forward to completing each and every one of these items!

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