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Make up Newbie to Make up Maven: YouTube make up tutorials

Make up Newbie to Make up Maven: YouTube make up tutorials to change your beauty life

My first foray into makeup was when I “rescued” some ice-blue shimmer shadow from my mom’s wastebasket. In seventh and eighth grade I would occasionally wear this shocking, glitter-ice shade on my lids, with no other make up. As part of a competitive dance team, we had a specific shade of lipstick for competitions. When preparing for competitions, I would sit in my mom’s car with the passenger mirror unfolded and, using her compact, layer powder on top of itself until it was a cakey mess. I was desperate to hide blemishes and puberty acne but ended up emphasizing my uneven complexion. I didn’t have a concept of concealer or foundation. In other words, I was a lost cause when it came to makeup.

That lost cause status didn’t melt away immediately. I slowly learned about concealer and became the go-to girl at school when someone had an emerging zit or a hickey that needed covering. Everyone knew I had the basics in my purse. However, I still didn’t know anything about makeup. I lined my waterline with cheap, black pencil liner that gave me raccoon eyes for far too many years. It wasn’t until the past two years that I learned about primer and setting spray.

I developed a slow interest in makeup beginning with subscriptions to Ipsy and Birchbox that morphed into a love affair with Boxycharm and a slow introduction to YouTube. YouTube is a fickle teacher, though. It’s a minefield of sponsored videos and “experts” whose expertise extends only to their desire to make more videos. Sorting through the mounds of average or good-looking but not good-content videos, I found some winners. Here are a few of the YouTube make up tutorials I’ve found most useful in the past year as I developed my makeup knowledge.

Understanding undertones is key to finding the right foundation shade and knowing which shades of blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick will flatter most. Stephanie Nicole works in the beauty industry and is incredibly knowledgeable about formulas, ingredients, pricing, and more. Her coloring and color choices are very different than mine, but I respect how knowledgeable she is and how she shares that knowledge. This was my favorite video when I was trying to figure out foundation shades.

Foundation Tricks for Oily Skin
“Matte” foundation with “matte” powder and “mattifying” finishing spray and “mattifying” primer, etc. etc… has nothing on my oil-producing skin. I can’t be the only one who has this problem, but the videos and tutorials aimed toward people with this issue….appear to be produced entirely by people who don’t have this problem. However, Laura Lee’s video had some incredibly useful tips.

How Old is Your Makeup?
For people who, like me, hate to throw things away, this video inspires you to clean out that ice-blue glitter eye shadow you’ve been hoarding since seventh grade. Super gross. Lauren Mae is also a major “Project Panner,” and I love her “Tube Talks” on the beauty industry and being a YouTube beauty vlogger.

Drugstore Makeup Options
I don’t agree with all of RachhLoves’ opinions or videos. What she claims works doesn’t really seem to resonate with me. However, I really liked her Intro-to-Makeup with a drugstore brand approach.

There are so many amazing videos out there. I’ve watched probably every “how to do winged liner on semi-hooded eyes” video out there, and I’ve watched many on eyeshadow application. However, those are kind of a dime a dozen. None have been so amazing that I’d share them with you. I definitely have my favorite YouTubers that I like to watch, but as far for specific makeup videos, the four above were the ones that stuck with me most.

Do you have favorite youtube make up tutorials? Send them my way!

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