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Fall Bucketlist: Pumpkins and Scary Movies

I completed three of the five items on my October bucket list today.

Last weekend I picked and cleaned pumpkins, fresh from the garden.

Then I left them on the kitchen counter for the next week, a bright pop of orange brightening the room. This lasted until the guilt of a Sunday afternoon finally kicked my butt into gear. I committed myself to carving at least one and finally making some pumpkin seeds!

I used variations on two different recipes. One, a ranch mix and another a BBQ mix. I tried both a butter base and oil base, and I think the oil works better for savory recipes. The butter base got a little clumpy.

And while my pumpkin seeds were roasting, I got to carving. I kept it old school without my standard elaborate designs, but I’m pretty pleased with the goofy, lopsided results (pictured next to my goofy, lopsided baby boy).

In between my busy weekend of pumpkin crafting, I also managed to watch a few more October-fest horror movies. I’d heard multiple great things about It Follows, especially regarding the soundtrack. Disasterpeace did the soundtrack. Apparently he also wrote the music for Fez, which is an awesome indie game that I haven’t played in a year because I got stuck on one of the levels. I’m not much for listening to soundtracks without lyrics. I really like words! But I am definitely thinking this spooky theme might be what keeps me in the Halloween mood at work this week.

While carving pumpkins I also watched The Witch. It was great for what it is. But it’s more of a slow-burn atmospheric, thought-provoking horror. I will have to rewatch it someday when I’m not multitasking to give it its fair due.

All in all, I had a successful, spooky Sunday. Let me know what you’re doing to keep the holiday spirit alive …. or dead… (spooky laughter).

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