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Lipstick swatch and destash-a-palooza part 1: Reds

A half-hearted longing of mine has been to swatch all of my lipsticks, destashing dupes and formulas I don’t like as well as creating a record of shades on my skin tone.

I’ve never really done extensive swatching of anything before, which should be obvious from the fact that I began with the reds. Thanks to ELF’s lipstick remover and some patience, my skin tone calmed down enough to continue swatching after that first round. But I definitely learned to go from light to dark in the future.


The top photo is from my phone. The bottom, labeled one (top to bottom also listed below), is from my nicer camera…. which was set to auto since I’m not Shiva.

Tarte Valor
Tarte Spice
Tarte Crown
Tarte Cast
Tarte XOXO
DLS Phantom
Sephora Always Red – Destashing
YSL Le Rouge
Doucce Gorgeous Red – Destashing
OFRA Atlantic City
OFRA Milan
OFRA Havana Nights

Here’s the beautiful way it looked as I took my first makeup wipe to it. Whoops.

Most impressive staying power: Tarte Valor, Tarte Spice, Tarte XOXO, DLS Phantom, OFRA Milan, OFRA Havana Nights.

Destashing: The Sephora one I absolutely hate (see my Sephora Favorites review) and the Doucce I have yet to wear since getting it in my Boxycharm, which is already a very similar shade to the luxurious YSL.


Bobbi Brown Brocade
City Color One Night Stand – Destashing
Too Faced Melted Latex Hot Mess
Maybelline Eternal Rose – Destashing
Stila Bella
Wander Beauty Nikki Beach
Wander Beauty BB
UD Big Bang
OFRA Santa Ana
OFRA Cape Town
OFRA Treasure
NYX Cranberry biscotti
Hikari Merlot
ELF Crushed Berries
NYX Red Wine Truffle

Destashing: The City Color that I have not used since receiving it in my Boxycharm, and the Maybelline 14 Hour Eternal Rose, which is an uneven formula compared to some of my favorites.

Lipsticks in my stash that I did not swatch: OFRA Laguna Beach, OFRA Bordeaux, and OFRA Napa Valley

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