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Lipstick swatch and destash-a-palooza part 2: Nudes and pinks

After putting all of my clothing into the Stylebook app, I’ve found my subsequent purchases were less frequent and smarter. With my increasing interest in project panning, I thought it would be fun to categorize all of my lipstick colors. This is part two of my posts on my extensive lipstick collection. For part one, go here.


Just like in round 1, the top photo is from my phone, the second, labeled photo is from a nicer camera but using automatic settings because I’m not an octopus.

OFRA Dubai – Destashing
OFRA Manila
OFRA Bel Air
OFRA Aruba
Tarte Novel
Tarte Eager
Tarte Grand
Tarte Obvi
Tarte Nude
Hourglass Influencer
Cargo Gloss
Real Her Lady Love – Destashing
Huda Bombshell – Destashing

Impressive staying power: Tarte Novel, Tarte Grand, and Real Her LadyLove.

Items I’m destashing: OFRA’s Dubai is leaving me because the color doesn’t suit. I want to make it work, but I never can. Despite my love affair with OFRA, it has to go. Real Her’s LadyLove is a gorgeous color with amazing staying power, but it is STICKY and uncomfortable on the lips. I have to pass on it. And Huda’s Bombshell is also beautiful. I thought I liked it, but the watery formula does nothing for me, especially since this shade isn’t super special.


OFRA Cocos Island
Smashbox Driver’s Seat
Colour Pop Beeper
Tarte Reign
Tarte Gifts
Marc Jacob Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Colour Pop Little Stitious
Tarte FOMO
Burt’s Bees Fig – Destashing
Anastasia Beverly Hills Vintage
Air Repair – Destashing

Impressive staying power: Smashbox Driver’s Seat, Colour Pop Beeper, and Tarte Reign.

Destashing: I’m getting rid of the Burt Bee’s Fig. It’s a fun chapstick, but I have others that are a little newer. I’m also getting rid of the Air Repair plumping gloss. I can’t find the name for the color, but looking at how goopy it looked on my arm reminded me of why I haven’t touched this gloss in about two years. It’s time to say goodbye.


For this round, I actually reswatched some shades that I thought seemed like dupes for each other to get a better feel for them while also swatching the last of my lipsticks.


OFRA Pasadena
OFRA Tuscany
OFRA Mocha
OFRA Americano
OFRA Amsterdam
OFRA Honolulu
Pur Lip Lure Fancy
Touch in Sol Jasmine (Gloss, Liquid Lipstick) – Destashing

(RIGHT – Comparisons)

Colour Pop Beeper
Tarte Reign
OFRA Bel Air
Real Her LadyLove
Tarte Novel
Huda Bombshell
Smashbox Driver’s Seat
Tarte Grand

Of these, I’m destashing the Touch de Sol lipstick. It’s gross, and I didn’t like it that much after my Sephora Favorites review. It just managed to stick around a couple more weeks somehow.

Lipsticks in my stash that I did not swatch: OFRA Laguna Beach, OFRA Bordeaux, and OFRA Napa Valley

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