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Blogtober failtober? Finding success in failure

I failed. And yet, I didn’t. I found success in failure. I dropped the ball on my 31 days of 31 blogs, but those days I didn’t post didn’t define my month.

My last minute start on the project didn’t help my reach my goal, but that’s mostly a learning opportunity for next time. I also found that the nights I failed to post something weren’t even nights I was super busy so much as they were nights that I was just exhausted after work. I’d pull up a blog post and then do anything and everything other than finish a single post. I’d start new ideas, look for photos, research topics, write half-way decent posts then feel uninspired to finish them. I have more drafts saved than I have published content.

This is also a learning opportunity as a creator of any type. At work you have to keep producing even when you aren’t feeling inspired, so why let flighty, ephemeral inspiration dictate your non-work hours?

The month was still a success for me. I posted more than half the month–18 posts in 31 days, to be exact. Considering I don’t always even make my twice-a-month goal, that’s basically 10 x more than most months! In addition, I have three blog posts I wrote during the month but never proofed and provided images in order to post before running out of time.

I was a success this month because even on nights when I didn’t want to write about anything, I often found something worth writing about. Because I carved pumpkins rather than watching another horror movie so I could have another seasonal post. Because I found stories in the every day and opportunities in the mundane.

Even if the stories I wrote aren’t the ones everyone wants to hear, they’re stories I enjoyed writing (and until I become a viral sensation raking in thousands of dollars of influencer ad monies, they’re stories I write for me).

Those are all huge successes to me. And while I’m disappointed I didn’t write 31 new blogs this month, I have something to shoot for next year. Hopefully I’ll do a little more planning too.

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