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The October Project Pan Finale

With the end of October came the end of my very first ever project pan. An important part of goal setting is being held accountable. So you, lucky reader that you are, get to hear all about my month-long progress (or lack thereof) with these 8 products. I already have my next project pan planned out and written up. So stay tuned.

The state of my eight items at the beginning of October:

The state of my eight items at the end of October:

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleanser (Boxycharm Item, Retails $47)
I got super close to finishing this one. I still love the way this mask feels as it tightens and cools, but I’m moving it to the 12 Pans of Christmas.

Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte in 103, Natural Buff (Retails $12.99)
I was unable to finish this, and I began to feel resentful of using it. I don’t think I realized quite how much product was in this to begin with. I did find that it oxidized less if I used a primer, and I will still reach for it in the future. However, I’m not moving it over to the next project pan for now.

Mary Kay Concealer in Beige 2 (They don’t even make this anymore!)
After watching a few videos about old make up, I began to feel pretty disgusted with this. It doesn’t smell weird, so I did try to use it a few times. But the formula is now so thick and difficult to blend, that I suspect it’s well past its prime. I chose to destash this.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light/Medium (Retails $7.99)
I’m still trying to use up this, but I did get a good start on it. I have moved this to my 12 Pans of Christmas project.

Pixi Beauty Mini Brow Trio (Ipsy Item, Full Brow Palette Retails $12)
I’ve already hit pan on the darkest color. I did not finish the dark product, but check out how much progress I made! I like using thick pencils for brow stuff, as it’s a lot easier. However, I think brow powders look and feel more natural. I’ve moved this to my 12 Pans of Christmas project.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 011 Creamy Natural (Retails $5.79)
This was getting hard pan basically every third day. I would remove it, using the tape trick. I would scrape it off. I would do everything right. And it would hard pan almost immediately. I decided that maybe the formula went bad at some point. So, when I dropped this powder, and it shattered all over the bathroom floor, I said out loud, “Oh thank god.” Then I realized perhaps it wasn’t worth salvaging if I felt so frustrated by this powder. I have since opened a new Rimmel pressed powder and do feel like it’s working so much better to control oil. So lesson learned on trying to make powders last past their date.

Hikari Black Eyeliner (Boxycharm Item, Retails $13)
I just don’t use pencil eyeliner as much as I used to. I think I managed to use this one about three times. There’s still a LOT of product in this pencil, and I don’t know if I’ll get to it. This is not being destashed, but I’m not moving it forward to my next project pan either.

Turns out the “totally unknown blush” is from a Coastal Scents blush palette that came in my Boxycharm once upon a time. The entire mini palette retails for $13.95. The darker blush and darker bronzer were both too dark for me. The bronzer I used regularly broke in my attempts at depotting. The highlighter was never really useful IMO, so this blush is the only thing remaining.
The cracking in this blush from my depotting became more prominent. It resulted in my first field experiment with smashing up a powder product and spritzing it with alcohol to reset it. Unfortunately, I was a little heavy handed with the rubbing alcohol. However, I don’t think it damaged the product too much. I’ve been using the product more, and I’m still very happy with this blush. I’ve moved it to my 12 Pans of Christmas.

Overall, I’m pleased with my progress. I think my key takeaway for the future may be trying to add marks/lines on liquid products where you can’t really tell how far down it is very easily. It’s very difficult to track if you’ve made any progress with some of this packaging, which can be discouraging at the end of the month. In the future, I’ll also consider close-ups of the items in each pan. At the time I was using the poor lighting in my basement room and an iPhone, so close ups didn’t seem essential. I can break out the good camera in the future.

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