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The First 12 Pans of Christmas Update

Just under three weeks from embarking on The 12 Pans of Christmas (and four weeks from its completion), here’s my first 12 Pans of Christmas update.

The 12 Pans of Christmas three weeks ago

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleanser (Boxycharm Item, Retails $47) – DONE

I really enjoyed using this product. I like all of the Dr. Brandt products I’ve ever tried. I probably won’t rebuy unless I find it on an amazing sale though. I have a lot of masks and am trying to downsize.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light/Medium (Retails $7.99)

I made some really great progress on this one. It’s hard to tell exactly how much is left, but you can see that it’s getting down there.

Pixi Beauty Mini Brow Trio (Ipsy Item, Full Brow Palette Retails $12)

The top image is a close up from my beginning of this project pan. The bottom shows my progress in the last three weeks. I’ve been leaning toward somewhat more natural brows, meaning I’ve dipped into the lighter color a bit more. My original goal with this small palette was to pan the dark shade. I might try to completely pan both the dark and medium shade though. Probably not by Christmas!

Blush from Coastal Scents Blush + Bronzer Mini Palette (Boxycharm Item, Retails $13.95 for entire palette)

Unfortunately I haven’t taken great images of this blush to compare it to. It is SO pigmented. It doesn’t take much to make me look almost clown-like. You can see the texture on top still from when I repressed it before doing my October Project Pan, which included this blush also! I fear I will still be using this blush when I’m 90. I’m not great with blush in general, so I’m happy sticking with this as my daily go-to until I hit pan.

Pur Lip Lure in Fancy (Boxycharm Item, Retails $22)

I’ve been using this all the time. I have no idea how much is left in it! You have to turn the swizzle bottom, which pushes product out of holes in the fuzzy applicator. It’s incredibly unhygienic. It also takes forever. I frequently have to turn the bottom, do something else, then put it on a few minutes later once the product finally comes to the surface. However, it is moisturizing and simple. I like that it’s not sticky like a gloss and has some staying power. You can also reapply it smoothly.

Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Palette (Boxycharm Item, Retails $50)

My goal was to hit pan on two shades. You can see that  I have a pretty decent dip in the first and fourth shades, Quartz and Dune. I’ve also been trying to use some of the shimmer shades as highlighter.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon perfume sample (Full size $65-110)

This is another situation where I wish I’d taken better pictures at the beginning. I use my YSL Opium most days, so I have forgotten to use this. I’m not sure if I’ve made any progress! I’m confident I can use this sample up by Christmas though.

REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream Face Lotion (Full size, $45) – DONE

This was OK, but it wasn’t my favorite from the Sephora Favorites Skin collection I’ve been using. I’ll have a review for that one day. I’m trying to work my way through a Dr. Jart product and a First Aid Beauty product before I can review them fairly.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin – Gentle (Retails Approximately $3.50)

I’ve made good progress on this. You can see where my thumb is at is where the container starts to expand again. This will be an easy one to finish before Christmas.

Glam Glow Glow Starter (Full size, $49)

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve only used this once. I hated it. I felt like it highlighted every imperfection on my skin. I might try to mix it in with foundation and see what it’s like. More likely than not, I will be decluttering this.

OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Americano (Retails $20, but there’s always a 30% off code)

I love OFRA. This is such a pretty brick red shade that is very suitable for most work days. I’ve been using the Pur Lip Lure more just because it’s a lot easier to apply in the car on the way to work. With OFRA’s lipsticks, I like a steady hand at a mirror when I’m not at a red light because once they dry down, they’re harder to touch up. It’s best to apply fairly quickly in case you make mistakes and to ensure an even color.

E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer in Fair (Retails $3)

I have no idea how much is in this. I feel like the bottle has to be getting empty! It’s a darker shade than I like, but it’s thicker than the Covergirl. So I’ve been using it as a base for under my eyes prior to using the Covergirl. Once I used it all over with a damp sponge as a light foundation. That was a HUGE mistake. It looked horrible and oxidized in a patchy way.

That’s it folks! That’s my first update for my 12 Pans of Christmas. I’m pretty proud of my second project pan thus far. I think I’m learning some tips and tricks, thinking more creatively about using make up, and making smarter make up purchases (i.e., not purchasing at all when I know I have similar products at home!).

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