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December bucket list

My December bucket list is quite short (for me) and contains mostly the basics that really define the December holiday season for me.

Count Christmas trees

My family lives near a bunch of Christmas tree farms. It became tradition for us to count the number of Christmas trees (on cars) we see on any given day driving home from school or church or whatever. Our record was 16 Christmas trees.

Go to a holiday market

Omaha doesn’t have holiday markets like the ones I’ve been to in Germany, Belgium, and Poland, but there are definitely holiday-themed shopping markets. Pipe in some Christmas music and put me in a crush of people, and I’m good.

Look at Christmas lights

I love driving around to look at lights. I loved seeing how my neighbors decorated their apartments at my old place. My new neighborhood is already quite decked out. I’m thinking Bentley and I are going to take a night walk (with his flashlight collar and maybe some reflective tape…safety first).

Drink Baileys and read Twas the Night Before Christmas

This is such an annual tradition for Christmas Eve for me that I almost forgot to put it on here. Does it count as a Christmas “bucket list”-type item if it’s something that happens every year and has to happen? This tradition makes Christmas for me.

Finally see Die Hard

My favorite Christmas movie is While You Were Sleeping (also my favorite movie period). But I hear this one is pretty good too.

Watch While You Were Sleeping

I love this movie, and it gets me into the holiday spirit. I love a good family-centered romance.

Finally watch Listy do M

This is the Polish version of Love Actually, from what I understand. I bought it a couple years back and still haven’t watched it. I’ll end the movie watching portion of this list here though.

Update my Christmas Playlist for my Phone

I have a bonkers number of Christmas/Seasonal songs. I used to have a “Favorites” playlist of about 100, but it got lost in the shuffle. I love contemporary Christmas songs, but I also am super fond of intense orchestral arrangements of the classics with amazing descants and harmonies. So I have a ridiculous number of those and need to figure out which ones I like best.

Make Christmas Cookies

I’m not about the sweets this year, but I think there’s something about hanging out in the kitchen with a glass of wine, some Christmas carols, and the scent of baking cookies.

Send Christmas cards

Bentley and I took the BEST Christmas photo last year in our matching sloth Christmas sweaters. That sentence is basically all you need to know about me. If you think that me taking photos with my dog in matching sweaters (sloth sweaters) sounds lame, you can just move along. Anyway, I have some photo cards coming out, my first Christmas cards in years.

Get Bentley’s photo taken with Santa

In combination with the above item, I’m thinking I’m a little heavy in the dog-crazy mode. But I’ve taken Bentley to the mall every year for a picture with Santa, and this year will be no different!


If you’re interested in making your own December bucket list, here are a few other suggestions: decorate gingerbread houses, go ice skating at an outdoor rink, see a community Christmas tree lighting, go to a community holiday music concert (Omaha has a great brass Christmas concert), make an ugly holiday sweater, play board games by a fireplace while drinking hot cocoa, organize a Secret Santa, adopt a family to buy Christmas presents for, go caroling, make DIY snowglobe (or ornament or wreath or other decorations), etc.

There are so many things you can do to get in the holiday spirit. Focus on what makes you feel happy, centered and festive. Light a holiday-scented candle, get a peppermint mocha, and take in every moment of the day. Life is way too short to let the seasons pass unappreciated.

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