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The 12 Pans of Christmas Finale

The 12 Pans of Christmas project ends tomorrow officially. Alas, I am providing my update now! No time like the present. I’ll be moderately cranky if I hit pan on one of these remaining items in the next 24 hours, but such is the danger of posting early.

The 12 Pans of Christmas beginning

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleanser (Boxycharm Item, Retails $47) – Finished last update

REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream Face Lotion (Full size, $45)– Finished last update

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon perfume sample (Full size $65-110) – Finished

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Empty

I genuinely love this perfume. YSL Opium is still my go-to, but I’ve debated buying the Sephora perfume sampler for $25 that includes this and comes with a coupon for a free roller ball. I probably will not purchase it, because I just really do not need it. However, I have definitely been tempted!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin – Gentle (Retails Approximately $3.50) – Finished

St. Ives Sensitive Skin Apricot Scrub Gentle

I’m glad to use this up. I’d used it as a body scrub, as it’s dry season and I’m trying to avoid using scrubs too often on my face. After reading up on the product’s environmental effects and potential health hazards, I think there are better scrubs out there.

Glam Glow Glow Starter (Full size, $49) – Finished

Glam Glow Glow Starter Finished

I used this sample size by mixing it with my L’Oreal Pro-Matte foundation. I hated it on its own. One day I did not use primer, and I hated it that day too. I also hate the scent! So this is a great product, if you use it with a primer and a matte foundation? It seems like too much work for not a lot of reward.

Blush from Coastal Scents Blush + Bronzer Mini Palette (Boxycharm Item, Retails $13.95 for entire palette) – Hit goal, PAN!

Coastal Scents Blush Pan

I did it. I hit pan! On 12/13, with almost two weeks left, I finally hit pan. I stopped getting ready to examine the slight sliver of silver. I never thought this day would come. It’s so hyper pigmented. I barely dip my brush in it, and I have clown-like blush on my face. I can’t get rid of this product! I just got a blush palette in my Boxycharm I’m eager to try out, so I might be retiring this from rotation.

Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Palette (Boxycharm Item, Retails $50) – Hit goal, pan on two shades!

Pure Cosmetics Bluff Collection

Pure Cosmetics Bluff Collection

I recently cataloged all my eyeshadow palettes, including swatching most of the shades. It really highlighted the difference in quality. This is still a palette I enjoy using, because I like the shades. I like that they’re not super pigmented, so I don’t end up rushing and end up with accidentally heavy looks. I think mostly this has taught me that I would enjoy the UD Naked 3 Palette. I found a super useful blog comparing the two.

I will admit that I did a little cheating to get this to pan. As I neared the 25th, I started digging it a little harder with my brush in a more concentrated area. I also stopped experimenting with some of the other shades, to really make sure I used up the two I was closest to pan on. I’m still counting it though!

Pixi Beauty Mini Brow Trio (Ipsy Item, Full Brow Palette Retails $12)

From November
Pixi Beauty Eyebrow Trio

This is the product that will never die! Look how much progress I’ve made, though! I’ll be moving this to my 9 by 29 on the 9th. My goal is still to completely use up the two darker shades. While I’ve made amazing progress since October, I have not completed this pan. I’ve alternated it with a brow pencil on days when I’m more rushed. I find the brow pencil just applies faster, but looks uneven. Stay tuned for more.

Pur Lip Lure in Fancy (Boxycharm Item, Retails $22)

Let me show you something. This is what this product looks like. You can twist the product up, wait 15 minutes, use some, then next time you go to open your lipstick, a day later, this is what it looks like. Basically, the product is just too thick to dispense rapidly. So it slowly works its way up, then looks like this.

Pur Lip Lure in FancyThis is not OK folks. I like this product, the way it feels, the way it moisturizes, the color, etc. I just get the heebie jeebies from the super unsanitary application process.

Anyway, I didn’t make my goal on this. But I’ve found this to be a good, quick lip product. I will not include it in my next project pan, but I will continue to use it.

OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Americano (Retails $20, but there’s always a 30% off code)

I watched an episode of The Makeup Breakup, where they swatched all the swatches one could possibly swatch from a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick. I think it came down to 200+ swatches… So, I’m not feeling so bad about my usage of this, especially considering that I’ve been alternating it with the Pur Lip Lure and other lipsticks.

This is one of my favorite OFRA shades. I think the new, fall-ish Amsterdam, the perfectly red Atlantic City, and the super nude Pasadena are my others.

I didn’t even get close to finishing this, focusing instead of the Pur Lip Lure. I will move this to my next project pan.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light/Medium (Retails $7.99)

I ended up throwing this in my purse as my “touch up” concealer for red spots throughout the day. That means I didn’t get much use out of it. It’s so light that you can’t really mess it up. I did not finish it, but I am not moving it to the next project pan. I may keep it around as the concealer that lives in my purse.

E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer in Fair (Retails $3)

E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer

This E.L.F. concealer oxidizes, creases, and doesn’t do a great job as an undereye concealer. Add to it that this is their lightest color, and it’s pretty gosh-darned dark… I am actually going to destash this. I did not enjoy using it, and I’ve already purchased the Tarte Shape Tape. I know I should use up my make up before moving on, but I’m struggling with the balance… If I hate using something, isn’t it better to see if someone else can use it and move along?

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