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Boxycharm retrospective: Do I still love/hate that product?! (Year One)

I’ve been receiving Boxycharm for two and a half years now. The first two years I did a review, breaking down the value of the items I liked, loved, and hated compared to the overall cost. (Year One, Year Two) I’ll be doing that again for Year Three.

However, recently I was cataloging my entire make up collection as part of a general organization/project pan planning. Part of that was figuring out how long I’ve had certain items, which made me go back to my Boxycharm reviews.

What I learned is that I know so much more about make up and what is good and what works for me now than I did two and a half years ago.

So I decided to do a Boxycharm retrospective. I’m not going back over the value of the items, as I’m OK with my verdicts on that count. I am going back to items that I loved or hated that … maybe got a bad rap from me.

Year One: July 2015-June 2016

Did It Deserve the Love?

Gorge I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray: As predicted, I never used this because I liked it so much. This is the reason I started project panning, to force myself to use things.

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara: It was a good mascara, but as I’ve posted about, I’ve found much much better mascaras in my life since.

Image result for coastal scents 3 p

Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette: Yeah, so this does NOT deserve the love. I have since realized what good pigment, good blendability, and general good quality means for eye shadow. Also, I found I basically never used this! I decluttered it in the great organization project of 2018.

Lord & Berry Line/Shade Eyeliner: I legit forgot how good this is. I recently uncovered it again, and it’s amazing. I use pencil in my waterline, and this does not migrate down and give me raccoon eyes, unlike so many others.

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen and Girlactik Precise Eyeliner Marker: I can’t even remember these items! But I’ve moved from the days of “Ooo! A new eyeliner! Fun!” to actually being able to tell what I like. I also lean toward the brush tips rather than felt tips for the ease of application.

Chella Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe: I still can’t fathom the price of this for how long it lasts. If someone gave it to me, I would use it. If I didn’t have a huge back up of brow products, I’d consider buying it. But it goes fast.

OFRA Liquid Lipsticks: If you’ve read basically any of my make up posts, you know these are my absolute favorite. I don’t find them drying. I love the pigment. I love the longevity.

Image result for Royal and Langnickel Brush Set:

Royal and Langnickel Brush Set: So, these brushes were great for me learning that I needed to use good brushes. But these are not amazing brushes, compared to some that I’ve gotten from Boxycharm since. So I’m going to say these did not deserve the love.

Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask: I still LOVE this mask. I have gone through two complete jars of it and am on my third. And I always use the Vasanti Foundation Brush I loved to apply this mask. I got another brush that was supposed to be just for mask application, and it sucked in comparison, too floppy.

OFRA Banana Powder: I liked this, but I dropped/broke it. I thought about repurchasing it, never did, and don’t miss it at all.

OFRA Oil Control Pressed Powder: In retrospect, this is not as good as I thought it was. However, it’s in my current panning project, and I still really like it. The white cast is just out of control. But the oil control situation is pretty decent.

Did It Deserve the Hate?

I’m only going to include items I changed my mind on in this and the next section. For the most part, I still have strong negative feelings toward the items I listed in my original post.

Luxie 512 Small Contour Brush: I have definitely found some use for this. I don’t think it deserves to be moved into the loved category, but it shouldn’t be a hate.

The Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel: I didn’t like that this couldn’t tame the most errant of brow hairs, but I like that this has a flexible hold rather than giving me stiff, helmet brows.

Did It Deserve the Apathy?

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String: This did not deserve the apathy. This should’ve been a hate product! I don’t get it! It’s weirdly wasteful to buy a disposable sponge pre-loaded with soap that only lasts a certain number of washes. I didn’t like the scent either. I’m grateful Boxycharm has moved away from heavily scented products.

Image result for spongelle heart on a string

That’s it for year one. The items I had strong feelings for that may have changed one way or another. I’ll be publishing my retrospective on year two in a few days!

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