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Boxycharm retrospective: Do I still love/hate that product?! (Year Two)

Just like last time, this is a retrospective on the year-long “Is Boxycharm Worth It” reviews I do each year. As it was getting kind of long, I decided to break it down into two parts, each part focusing on one of the years.

I know so much more about make up and what is good and what works for me now than I did two and a half years ago. So I decided to do a Boxycharm retrospective. I am going back to items that I loved or hated that … maybe, upon reflection, I misjudged.

For part two, I did a bit of a different approach than for part one, which is reflective of the change in how I did the original reviews. Rather than listing every loved item, I’ll use the same categories (Did it deserve the love, hate, or apathy), but only include items if my feelings on them have changed.

Year Two: July 2016-June 2017

Did It Deserve the Love?

Pure Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette: This was a dupe for the Naked 3 Palette. I really enjoyed the shades and the included brush and the secure closure. However, there’s not a lot of pigment or longevity to this. It can build up. It’s nice for learning eye shadow, because I did not realize what a light hand I should use with actually pigmented eye shadows. So this is so lightly pigmented that it’s hard to make something horrible. It definitely did not deserve a “love” designation in terms of quality, but it did in terms of helping me learn make up.

OFRA Napa Valley Metallic Liquid Lipstick: I’m still obsessed with OFRA’s liquid lipsticks. I really wanted this. And I’ve worn it maybe twice since getting it. Sometimes just at home so I can wear it. So it deserves a “love” designation in terms of my emotions toward it, but not in terms of cost/value.

Doucce Mineral Matt Lipstick: No! This did NOT deserve the love. It is a nice red, but it has no longevity. For a while I thought that was just the way bullet lipsticks were. That is until I tried the fabulously moisturizing yet long lasting YSL lipstick from the Sephora Give Me More Lip!

Did It Deserve the Hate?

PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure: I have been panning this, and I like it so much better than my review. It isn’t nearly as goopy and gooey as I recalled. Maybe it just needed to dry out a little?

Project Beauty Hairgurt Hair Masque: I still hate the scent because I am so sensitive to strongly fruity/sugary scented items. However, I liked having a hair mask in my collection sometimes.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: I don’t know where this hate came from. I think I wasn’t using it with the right foundation. In summary, I was wrong. This is a perfectly awesome primer. And I can definitely tell a difference when I don’t use it.

Did It Deserve the Apathy?

Luxie Beauty Eye Blender Brush Pack: These are some of my most-used brushes. It definitely did not deserve apathy. It had the misfortune of being in a boxy that was pretty freaking bad for me otherwise, which negatively tainted my view of this. I’m still filled with frustration when I think about Boxycharm October 2016! But that should be a lesson on not letting your negativity about some things spread to other things.

GLOW For a Cause Body Butter: I didn’t mind this body butter. But I could not stomach the cost for the quality. It was so thick and almost impossible to spread. It smelled good, though. But when I think back on it, it’s just not worth the price.


There you have it. It’s funny how revisiting a product can bring different feelings, panning a product can make you love/hate it, and apparently it takes me a while to warm up to brushes! Have you experienced any changes in opinion from subscription boxes or other make up?

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