Hearst Castle Roman Pool
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30 by 30… only one year left?!

Happy Birthday to me! I have one year left to complete my 30 by 30 list, and it’s going… OK. Without any ado, here are my remaining items, with notes on all remaining (and recently completed) ones.

For previous updates, here’s my: first post, 2 years out update, and 18 months out update.

The List

1. Fly first class

2. Visit California

I have been to California many times in my life, but I had two house tours on my bucketlist that I was eager to complete. In January I finally visited the Winchester Mystery House and the Hearst Castle. These two were everything I could’ve wanted and more.

Hearst Castle Roman Pool

3. Get a tattoo

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to complete this one. It’s not the highest cost item, but I still haven’t even completely determined what I want or done my research on where to go.

4. Buy myself a nice purse

5. Finish scrapbooking year in Poland (and maybe Utah)

I’m working on a scrapbooking storage unit that will help me organize my materials and make it easier to complete. But I have not done any scrapbooking in the past year. So I need to get my act together on this.

6. Invest in my succulent garden and planters

7. Skydive

This is another item I have not quite budgeted for. However, I think I might be able to do this within the year. It’s just a matter of figuring out when and where.

8. Start a workout routine

9. Practice speaking to/approaching strangers

I failed slightly at this in the sense that I did not create any measurable way to judge if I’m doing this more than usual. The other day, I was at an event for a friend of mine that involved lots of shmoozing. Leaving the party, I patted myself on the back for all my great social interactions, feeling exhausted from all the interaction. Turns out I’d only been there for about 40 minutes. I am going to a conference for work this week, and I will use that opportunity to initiate more conversations and networking.

10. Develop a web/blog strategy

11. Read more books each year than the last

12. Learn to curl my hair

13. Send postcards “just because”

I’m honestly embarrassed that I haven’t done this yet. I have a ridiculous amount of postcards in storage. I just need to start doing this! It should be an easy one.

14. Have a session with a professional photographer

I have my heart set on a particular photographer, but my issue is budgeting for it. I really want this and can afford to do it, but I am struggling because it does feel like a frivolous activity to spend money on. That’s part of the reason I put it on my 30 by 30, to force myself to do these things I want but am slightly uncomfortable with for some reason.

15. See the DC cherry blossoms

16. Say “Yes, and”

I don’t think I can completely cross this off my list. I have been better about saying “Yes” to activities and people when I’m hesitant for whatever reason–social anxiety, concerns about logistics, etc.–but I haven’t quite stretched enough to really include the “and.” Like my goal to get better at interacting with strangers, this one struggles by not having a measurable unit for success. Sometimes, even when we are making our own changes, those aren’t always evident to us and we need outsiders to notice those changes within us.

17. Take a vacation abroad just because

18. Run a 5K

This will happen this year. As someone who has been out of shape, I hate doing physical activity in front of people. Even though I work out and am much better, the idea of running a 5K in a public arena is much more intimidating than running a 5K on the gym treadmill. I’ve neglected this task because of how intimidating I find it, but I know I’ll feel so much more powerful and accomplished if I just do it. My company sponsors us for a couple local charity 5Ks throughout the year, so I really don’t have an excuse not to complete this.

19. Find a charity cause (and spend time with it)

This is another one that’s embarrassing I haven’t started it. It should be easy. I like to pay attention to the ways charities use money and resources, to make sure the time and money I give goes to people. I have been vocal within groups I belong to about their charity-donation decisions, when they opt to support a homeless shelter that requires people to attend religious service in return for food or a medical research charity that spends more on administration and colorful “awareness”-raising trinkets than on research. But me being vocal about where we shouldn’t be spending our time and money isn’t helping me find places where we should be investing our help.

20. Focus on the positive

One of the lessons of goal-setting that I have learned slowly is that it’s more effective to have measurable goals with real aims. It turns out this goal itself was coming from a space of negative self view. That perspective was coming from some people who hadn’t treated me well and had made me feel judged and lesser than. One of the ways they did this was by telling me that I was negative and that I exaggerated. It’s almost funny because my friends who hear this are always indignant on my behalf, knowing I like to be as accurate as possible. I am practical. I look for ways to avoid possible outcomes. But when push comes to shove, I’m not negative. I’m usually the one in the group offering a positive outlook or trying to come up with reasons to justify other peoples’ actions.

It took my meditation boot camp month, where I went through guided meditations every day, to realize that the entire premise of this goal was based on a lie. So I guess there was some benefit to getting in touch with myself during my meditation boot camp.

21. Finish a significant crochet project (dog sweater or human blanket)

This, like the scrapbooking, is something I haven’t made any progress on. But, unlike the scrapbooking, I have no excuses. Stay tuned and wish me well.

22. Work on my skincare regimen

23. Surround myself with people and things I love

24. Become a regular (bar? coffee shop?)

25. Go back to Notre Dame

This task should be easy to accomplish. I love campus and look forward to going back to it. I just need to find the right long weekend.

26. Languages

27. Go to a lantern festival

Again, this task should be easy. I think there were two local lantern festivals in 2017. I just had other plans on the dates of the festivals! I just need to force myself to buy the tickets this year!

28. Do something messy (mud run, paint party, foam club, color rave, etc.)

If I don’t do the company-sponsored 5k, I’ll try to do a color run.

29. Celebrate holidays (pumpkin carving, gingerbread houses, Easter egg dying, fireworks)

30. Refurbish something

This is in the works but moving slowly. I love the shape of this midcentury modern chair I liberated from an antique store. But I can’t quite envision what paint I want to use for the legs and fabric I want to use for the material. It’s slightly interesting construction, and it may be a little more difficult than a basic chair reupholster job, but I need to at the very least start researching how to complete it!

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