Returning from my blog leave of absence

It’s been exactly two months since I posted–a period I generously refer to as my “leave of absence.” After my failed stab at Blogtober, I’d been great about posting regularly. However, I let life get the best of me.

I say, “I let” because this was my choice not to keep up with my blog in the midst of everything. I’ve called myself a productive procrastinator before. When there’s something that absolutely has to get done, I know I either have to be working on it or doing an “approved” task. This tends to mean multitasking and juggling multiple projects, making little progress on any of them, and abandoning your own work–especially when that work feels like fun. For example, let’s just say that the night I was supposed to address all the invitations to the bachelorette party I threw last month I also got a HUGE jump on my stalled-out scrapbook organization project.

I see the same thing happen in a professional capacity in my work life. We come up with wonderful ideas for new strategies and processes that will improve our workflow, making us more cost effective and efficient. Inevitably, we get pulled in a million directions by “urgent” (and sometimes very important) tasks from other departments. No matter how key the project is for our department–even when we set a deadline for it–the project will be pushed back.

Since this is something I see in my team, I know it’s not just me. The goal posts we set for ourselves often fall to the wayside in favor of what we need to do for others. While this could be a lesson in learning to say “no” more often (that’s a story for another blog post), sometimes it’s a lesson in time and stress management for tasks that are–and always will be–obvious “yes”es.

I worried about getting everything done. Then instead of achieving, I stressed myself into a productivity ball–doing everything but activities for me, and often not even making progress on the work I was supposed to be doing because of it. I’d set aside time to work on something then spend the hour stalled out and unable to move on to another task.

It’s been a busy past two months. I long distance planned a bachelorette party and then journeyed to D.C. for it, helped throw an amazing bridal shower, worked on campaign materials with a friend who is running for local office, attended conferences for work, and, sadly, buried my grandmother (which brought a whole host of responsibilities–chauffeuring out of town family members, many trips to the grocery store for more wine for the family, managing tasks when my mom just couldn’t keep track anymore, etc.–in addition to mourning).

The funeral was a week ago. My grandma self published her own memoir, so I’m pretty sure she’d encourage my writing in whatever form. Though she may question my choice of content… While it would be a nice tribute, this isn’t for her. This is for me.

I felt discouraged about my blog. I hadn’t posted in so long, so what was the point in even starting again? The point is purely that I enjoy it. So here I am. Forgive my absence, wish me well, and I’ll be posting again soon.

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