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Q1 update to New Year, New Goals!

At the beginning of January I posted my 12 goals for the 12 months of 2018 (Not one per month, just a nice numeric alliteration of sorts). As keeping goals at the top of mind is essential to actually completing them, here’s a Q1 2018 update!

New Year, New Goals: 12 Goals for 12 Months in 2018

1. Catch up on podcasts

This goal was to completely catch up on Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast. I did this in February.

A secondary element was to totally catch up on Hidden Brain. I have about 20 left in my feed, but I keep skipping through them because they’re not-well-labeled repeats. I have caught up on a number of other podcasts, such as “Missing Richard Simmons,” which is the podcast I recommend to everyone now!

2. Learn how to wear false lashes

I have not even started this! Since I don’t wear false lashes regularly, it’s hard to find an occasion to start trying. Weekdays seem like a bad option, and I’ve been busy most weekends in situations where I don’t want an eyelash fluttering away halfway through my evening. I need to commit to just wearing them one evening!

3. California – Winchester Mystery House

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in January. I have not yet seen the movie that came out my birthday weekend. I had plans to, but a blizzard kept me at home.

(It doesn’t look as spooky as it is!)

4. Scrapbook Year in Poland and Utah

As I said in my intro post, this is one of those projects I have made no progress on. That has not changed! However, my mom and I have been designing a scrapbooking cabinet that will host my scrapbooking materials in order to make everything simpler to use.

5. Refurbish chair

This is a “summer” project in my mind, so I’m looking to spend some time on this in May. I am finally feeling some inspiration for the paint and upholstery.

6. Go to ND

I’ve been hoarding my vacation days for the opportunity to do this in the fall. I do not have plans yet, but I’m excited about it.

7. Go to lantern festival

I bought my tickets to a local lantern festival that was coming up in May. Then two days later it was cancelled. I was devastated by that situation. I’m still hopeful I can find the opportunity to complete this, but it’s sadly getting pushed back.

8. Finish a crochet project

I really want to spend the time to make something for Bentley, but I think I should be focusing on finishing my afghan that’s been in the works for a decade. Maybe when I finish it I can finally throw away the hideous fleece blanket that is basically Bentley’s dog blanket now.

9. Finish Polish course on Duolingo

This is going slowly. My goals to work on Duolingo every day in February weren’t ambitious enough. I ended up barely staying on top of things, as you’ll hear in my Monthly Bootcamp Update, which I’m working on. As we’re now in Q2, and I haven’t done any work since February, I need to start maybe setting an alarm to do this for 15 minutes a day minimum. I always enjoy the language practice; it’s never a chore. It’s just a matter of finding the time.

10. Run a 5K

Still in the works… I was all set to just sign up for the next 5K my work sponsored, but so far they haven’t done any.

11. Keep an ongoing project pan

You have seen my 9 by 29 and my 5 by April Fools. Thus, I’m doing great so far at keeping an ongoing project pan. I’ve also organized all my makeup into a spreadsheet, am tracking the value of the items I use up, have started a low-key “makeup basket” to rotate through items, and am contemplating a “palette a week” or “new lipstick every day for a month” challenge to make sure I’m using my products. Otherwise what’s the point of keeping them?

12. Finally get my tracking badge from Lose It

I have crossed this off my list from a general goals perspective. It is no longer a goal. Strict calorie counting and tracking is not productive for me and my food relationship right now. In reevaluating my health goals, increasing my physical activity, decreasing my alcohol and sugar intake, and generally reevaluating my relationship with food is more important to me. I started a Whole30 to sort of rethink my relationship with food. I have no idea what will come of it, but I’m excited about it’s ability to shake me out of my current complacency. I’ll definitely be posting my thoughts about the Whole30 soon.

How are your 2018 goals going?

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