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Summer Bucket List – 18 for Summer 2018

Summer officially begins June 21st. The days of being a student, complete with free summers, are long gone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mark the change in seasons with summer-specific celebrations. As such, here’s my summer bucket list to complete before autumn begins.

  1. Leashes at Lauritzen – Take Bentley to dog night at the botanical gardens. Usually we easily recoup our admittance fee in free treats, dog swag, and fun.
  2. Shakespeare on the Green – Another event I can take Bentley to, Shakespeare on the Green is my favorite for picnics and free theater. This year it’s Much Ado about Nothing and King John.
  3. Summer Arts Festival – This one is cheating because the Summer Arts Festival was two weeks ago. But it is my absolute favorite summer event and marks the move into summer for me.
  4. Complete the first level of the Polish language Duolingo course – Duolingo just changed their approach to lessons. In the previous system, you had to revisit old lessons to keep them gold. In the new system, there are tiers. This means it’s easier to complete each lesson because you’re often just translating, not coming up with new words yourself. This has thrown a wrench in my 2018 goal to complete the lessons because just completing the whole thing won’t mean as much because it won’t mean that I’ve learned much. I’d have to get to level 2 or 3 for each of them for it to mean something. So I’m accelerating my goal to complete the first level of the whole course by the end of summer. Then I can work on level two before 2019.
  5. Make my Summer Mix – I’m behind schedule on summer mix 2018! My current play list for it is… 11 days long. So some culling is in order.
  6. Skydive – An item off my 30 by 30 list, the summer is the perfect time to complete this task!
  7. Move – I can’t stand my current living situation anymore. My roommate forges ahead with things no matter that they might impede my life and doesn’t even think to share them with me. Efforts to communicate with her have fallen on deaf ears. I could go into long detail about the crazy things that happen in that house, but the point of it is: I’m miserable. And when you’re so unhappy that it’s leaching into other areas of your life, you have to make a choice: to learn to be OK with it or to change what you can. While I can definitely continue to work on my patience, I have been pretty freaking chill about some of the B.S. I put up with now. So my best option is to get out. As soon as possible.
  8. Outdoor movie night – Another fun summer event in Omaha is outdoor movies at a park. This year one of the movies is Twister, which I’ve never seen. So I have my eyes set on that evening.
  9. Wear sunscreen – With my newer interest in cosmetics, it’s natural that I started learning about skincare. One thing pretty much everyone agrees on is how important it is to wear sunscreen. And I have not done a great job of that, letting the slight SPF is some of my cosmetics do the work for me. So this summer, I’m focusing on wearing sunscreen.
  10. Wear bright lipstick – With my project panning, I’ve focused more on whatever lip product was currently in my pan. I make amazing progress, but it means the neon pink lipstick I love is sitting, neglected. Will this summer be the time I finally do a 30-day “wear new lipstick every day?” It looks likely.
  11. Have a photo session – I got Bentley’s professional photograph taken at a charity event this year. And I nearly cried because of how horrible the photo was. Baby boy needs a little time to warm up to new people, photographers included. So we’re engaging the skills of a good friend to take some fun photos.
  12. Read – Another item I’m behind on this year for my 30 by 30 bucket list is reading. I want to read 10 books before the autumn solstice to help get me back on track.
  13. Work on a certification – This is a career-oriented goal, which doesn’t necessarily fit into a summer aesthetic. But since summers used to be for internships, think of it as the mid-year refocusing. I have developed a lot of skills at work, but I don’t have great quantifiable ways of discussing them. I want to work on some work-related certifications.
  14. Develop a side hustle – Since I’m planning on moving, I also am looking at ways to increase my income so I can afford to live alone. Once, when I was trying to come up with a phone case, I put a bunch of my own photos on the back of phone cases. I never used any of the ones I created, but I easily set it so other people could buy them. Two years later, when I was looking for a new phone case, I found I had enough money from the few sales of people buying mine that I could get one for free. Who knew that an autumnal photo of Lazienki Park was something people wanted on their phones? The point is, a few hours of concerted effort can net some passive income.
  15. Go to the zoo – Our zoo is the best in the world, and I haven’t been in far too long. While I won’t make it to Brew at the Zoo again this year, thanks to an inconsiderate friend who had to go get married (Just kidding!), I can definitely head to the zoo for some day-time fun.
  16. Try a new restaurant – I don’t eat out much. And when I do, we often end up at the same places. I want to try a new restaurant–whether it’s a hole in the wall taco joint or an upscale experience.
  17. Experiment with fun frozen cocktails – Once I get set up in my new place, I can invite people over for cocktails and house warming. Sounds perfect.
  18. Spend a day doing nothing – This is not normally my M.O. 5 of 7 days a week, I have work. On the other days, I schedule in meal prep, blogging, research, writing, hobbies, social activities, etc. In the true experience of summer, I want to schedule a full day where I… don’t have anything planned. Watch movies? Play games? Decide what to do when it comes up? Sure. Sounds great. Now I just need to find time in my schedule for an unscheduled day…

That’s it. That’s my 2018 Summer Bucket List. What will you be doing to celebrate summer?


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