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Q2 Update to 2018 Goals. New Year, New Goals

At the beginning of January I posted my 12 goals for the 12 months of 2018 (Not one per month, just a nice numeric alliteration of sorts). Since studies show that sharing goals gives you the same burst of endorphins as actually completing them, it’s even more important to keep reporting on progress. Thus, here’s my Q2 2018 update! (For Q1, see here)

New Year, New Goals: 12 Goals for 12 Months in 2018

1. Catch up on podcasts

I am still up to date on Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast. I’ve also caught upĀ on Hidden Brain. I was listening to My Favorite Murder quite a bit, then I had a very scary night where I thought my roommate’s 8 year old child was coming to murder me… The good news is that I learned how useless I would be in case of an emergency. The bad news is…. I’m useless in case of an emergency.

2. Learn how to wear false lashes

I STILL have not even started this! I have many subpar excuses for not doing it, but I moved it into my 18 for Summer 2018 list. Expect this to be completed by my Q3 update.

3. California – Winchester Mystery House

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in January. AND using some sweet Fandango rewards, I rented the Winchester movie! However, I have not watched it yet. I have another 20 days or so on the rental….

(It doesn’t look as spooky as it is!)

4. Scrapbook Year in Poland and Utah

I started working on this more. My scrapbooking cabinet that we’re refurbishing is looking really good. I’m decoupaging a world map on it still. But then it will be ready. I nearly started working on this in full energy last weekend. I was in a funk, and nothing sounded good to me. I didn’t want to study or learn, watch TV or movies or YouTube, read, play games, etc. I ended up taking a two hour walk, working out, then joining friends for dinner. By the end of the day, my mood had turned around, but my scrapbooking had made little progress.

5. Refurbish chair

We have a good fabric for the reupholstery, and I’ve talked to a few different places that do classes. Those tend to be fall events, so this is getting pushed back. I just got a new couch, which may change my opinion on the color scheme for this.

6. Go to ND

This is definitely doable. Unfortunately, I hesitated when football tickets came out. Tickets went to the first 50 respondents, and I took a solid 3 minutes to respond, thus losing my spot. But it helped me work through some emotions I’d been having about going back. There’s a cost/value issue and the fear of not experience the magic you remember. However, I’m excited to return, and I will be doing it this year.

7. Go to lantern festival

I bought my tickets to a local lantern festival that was coming up in May. Then two days later it was cancelled. I was devastated by that situation, and it’s pretty much guaranteed I’m not going to be able to finish it this summer.

8. Finish a crochet project

What the heck was I thinking, adding this to a summer list!?! This should be a fall list. I know I talk about sweaters for Bentley, but my primary goal is completing the rose afghan I’ve been working on forever.

9. Finish Polish course on Duolingo

Duolingo changed their Polish course, making it much easier to go through. I’ve completed 48 of the 67 courses. When I finish them all (before the end of the summer) I can start going back through to bolster some of the language skills.

10. Run a 5K

Still in the works… I was all set to just sign up for the next 5K my work sponsored, but so far they haven’t done any.

11. Keep an ongoing project pan

I’m doing great so far at keeping an ongoing project pan. However, I’ve also begun to feel a little self conscious about the make up posts on this blog. I’ve always known this blog was for me. It started for my summer mix series, and it’s been a low-key way to hold myself semi-publicly accountable. Through the wonders of organic SEO, I’ve managed a pretty decent traffic count. However, I realize that 80% of those people are just looking for the Bachelor bracket cheat sheets I put together every season. Long story short, I’m still doing this, and I love it. But posting about it is getting weird. So I might remove updates or only do posts at the end of the project. Regardless, I’m still on track for this 2018 goal, to keep an ongoing project pan.

12. Finally get my tracking badge from Lose It

I’m counting this as done due to my time with the Whole30. If you’re interested in how I learned this may be a great goal, but perhaps not the right goal for me, check out my post on goals.

How are your 2018 goals going?

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