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2018 Summer Bucketlist Check-in

September 22 is the first day of Autumn. That means we only have slightly over a month and a half left of summer! Here’s my progress report on my 18 for Summer 2018 bucketlist.

1. Leashes at Lauritzen – Incomplete

This is one of my favorite summer events. But another favorite year-round event for me is The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Meaning, I’ve been spending my Mondays watching ABC rather than walking around a beautiful botanical gardens with my dog. Luckily for both Bentley and I, The Bachelorette finale is next week. Meaning we have plenty more opportunities to enjoy Leashes at Lauritzen this summer.

2. Shakespeare on the Green – DONE

I enjoyed my annual picnic at Much Ado About Nothing. I’m always amazed at the difference between reading a play and seeing it live. This time I had the added enjoyment of contrasting the film version of the play with the live adaptation. I just love the slapstick, exaggerated style of Shakespeare comedies.

3. Summer Arts Festival – DONE

My official favorite event of the summer, the Omaha Summer Arts Festival was especially amazing this year. Once again it was on one of the hottest days, meaning I had to leave my beloved puppy at home. But there were new vendors and amazing music. It was definitely the best one yet.

4. Complete the first level of the Polish language Duolingo course – Incomplete

I have finished 50 of 67 categories. If I have 30 minutes to devote to Duolingo, I can usually complete a category a night. Meaning, I should be able to finish this in three weeks if I just focus.

5. Make my Summer Mix – DONE

This was one of my latest summer mixes! I am ashamed to say it took me quite a while to get it all together. It’s also a pretty lopsided summer mix, even more heavily female-vocal driven than usual. However, I went with my gut. And so far I’m pretty pleased with the final results.

6. Skydive – Scheduled

This is happening. It is paid for.

7. Move – Pushing back to October

I still need to move. Most recently my roommate adopted a second dog without informing me. I mean, she didn’t just not ask me if that would be a problem. She also just didn’t think to mention it. I found out we had a second dog on Instagram. But I found a good roommate whose lease doesn’t end until October. So balancing her needs and my needs, I’m suffering just a little longer in my current situation.

8. Outdoor movie night – ???

I’m running out of time for this one too. It’s another Monday event. Originally I wanted to go to Twister, which is showing Monday. But I made plans for a Bachelorette finale party.

9. Wear sunscreen – Incomplete

I have been schooled by the priest at my friend’s wedding about the dangerous of skin cancer. And I have gotten a sun burn from sitting on a cafe patio with another friend. And I have not done a great job of wearing sunscreen.

10. Wear bright lipstick – Semi-complete

I don’t feel like I’ve done enough to really cross this off my list. I have repped OFRA’s bright red Atlantic City and their pinky-purple Santa Ana. But I really want to wear Stila’s neon pink Bella at a minimum before I can consider this task complete.

11. Have a photo session – DONE

Who’s black and white and the cutest dog ever? Bentley is! Bentley’s photo session went really well. It was super hot out, but we had fun.

12. Read – Semi-complete

The goal here was to read 10 books before the autumn solstice to get me back on track for my reading goal for the year. To keep up with my 30 by 30 goal, I need to read 20 more books this year. To beat this goal, I need to read 5 more books. Since making the goal, I read three Tessa Dare romances, one Caroline Linden romance, and The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, which is and always will be my favorite book.

13. Work on a certification – Semi-complete

This really was a bad goal to add in to the summer. However, I’ve been plugging away at various work-related things. I’m doing pretty well.

14. Develop a side hustle – Semi-complete

Since I posted this, I have acquired some freelancing gigs. I am also spending about three weeks dog/house sitting for people. I also started a project that will gain me some passive income streams. However, again, this is a super boring and unfun summer project.

15. Go to the zoo – Incomplete

I haven’t even thought about this. The zoo is one of my favorite Omaha places. I need to visit!

16. Try a new restaurant – DONE

I went with some friends to a steakhouse I’d been dying to try. On another occasion I ended up at a popular Mexican place I’d heard great things about.

17. Experiment with fun frozen cocktails – Incomplete

I have not even started this! Originally my thought was this could be my house warming event. Now I’m leaning toward a Saturday afternoon out with friends,

18. Spend a day doing nothing – Incomplete

I thought I’d done this! But it turns out I keep scheduling events on my possible do-nothing days. It’s difficult (boring) to sit around and just watch TV or read or play games. All of those activities I enjoy, but to really do nothing all day is a semi-impossible request….

Only five items off my list are fully complete, but I’ve made great progress on the others. Summer is flying by, and making these lists helps me create memorable experiences to mark/celebrate the changing of the season. Is it wrong how much I’m already looking forward to my fall bucketlist?! Horror movies and pumpkin carving and football games!

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