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30 by 30 – Only six months to go!?

I don’t feel old, but apparently I’m rapidly inching toward “old.” My half birthday is today, and I only have six months to finish my 30 by 30 list!

For previous updates, here’s my: first post, 2 years out18 months out, and 1 year out updates.

The List

1. Fly first class (Completed 2017)

2. Visit California (Completed 2018)

3. Get a tattoo

I’m really leaning toward not doing this. My tastes and interests have changed. If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would want to feel strongly about it for a year before getting it. I imagine I wouldn’t care as much about a second tattoo. But I’d want my first one to count.

4. Buy myself a nice purse (Completed 2016)

5. Finish scrapbooking year in Poland (and maybe Utah)

My scrapbooking storage unit is nearly restored, and I’ve spent a lot of time organizing my stuff. This is definitely a winter project for cold nights in front of the fire while watching movies.

6. Invest in my succulent garden and planters (Completed 2016)

7. Skydive

This is scheduled. Stay tuned.

8. Start a workout routine (Completed 2017)

9. Practice speaking to/approaching strangers

I used to beat myself up whenever a conversation went awkwardly. I scolded myself for not having a good way to measure my success at this. (It wasn’t a great SMART goal!) Then I had the following elevator conversation on a dreary morning.

Me: Lovely weather today!

Person: We need the rain. I’m a farm girl at heart.

Me: Of course, plus I’ve always liked these gloomy, atmospheric mornings.

Person and Me: Silence for another 7 floors.

The turning point in that conversation for me? I didn’t blame myself for it going sour and awkward. It’s not my problem if someone is a grump. All you can do is be cheerful and move on. So apparently I’ve learned a thing or two from my practice networking and socializing.

10. Develop a web/blog strategy (Completed 2017)

11. Read more books each year than the last (On track for completion)

12. Learn to curl my hair (Completed 2016)

13. Send postcards “just because”

I’m not necessarily saying that I wrote out a bunch of postcards last night just so I could complete this task… but… (Does it still count as “just because” if I do it solely to cross it off the list?!)

14. Have a session with a professional photographer

I had my heart set on a specific dog photographer who is very expensive. Then she was doing a charity shoot! So I gathered up my puppy and ventured to the charity event, made my donation, and got this photo:

This is not your beautiful dog…

That is not what Bentley looks like. Devastated that she didn’t capture his personality in the whole 45 seconds she spent with him (and reminding myself it was for charity), I had another dog session with a photographer friend that went much much better!

So regal. Much dog.

In addition to the dog photos, I was in my friend’s wedding this summer, which means there’s a few interesting professional photos of me in the background as two lovely people celebrate their love floating around out there.

15. See the DC cherry blossoms (Completed 2017)

16. Say “Yes, and” (Completed 2018)

17. Take a vacation abroad just because (Completed 2017)

18. Run a 5K

This will happen this year. I’ve been working out regularly. I’ve done the Couch 2 5K program. I just need to actually do the run. It’s mostly a matter of signing up for one at this point. My company seems to have stopped sponsoring employee entries to charity 5Ks for some reason.

19. Find a charity cause (and spend time with it)

This is another one that’s embarrassing I haven’t really done it. I’ve done hit or miss volunteer work. But I haven’t dedicated myself to a specific cause that I care about.

20. Focus on the positive (Completed 2018)

21. Finish a significant crochet project (dog sweater or human blanket)

I found the thing I want to crochet. I found a pattern for it that will take some creative adaptation. And I feel confident this is a project I can complete this fall!

22. Work on my skincare regimen (Completed 2016)

23. Surround myself with people and things I love (Completed 2016)

24. Become a regular (bar? coffee shop?) (Completed 2017)

25. Go back to Notre Dame

I have my football tickets in hand and my Airbnb booked. You’ll see me in the stands. Or at the Knights of Columbus steak stand or at the library, doing the Touchdown Jesus pose. Or off campus eating Cambodian Thai…

26. Languages (Completed 2016)

27. Go to a lantern festival

I actually had this scheduled. I bought my tickets and everything. Then they canceled the festival. I’m sad, but this is another one I don’t think I’ll be able to complete by 30.

28. Do something messy (mud run, paint party, foam club, color rave, etc.)

I’m having a hard time committing to this one. I’ve seen a foam run and a color run. I just need to register and make it work!

29. Celebrate holidays (pumpkin carving, gingerbread houses, Easter egg dying, fireworks) (Completed 2016)

30. Refurbish something

This is in the works but moving slowly. I love the shape of this midcentury modern chair I liberated from an antique store. I’ve made contact with a few people in the reupholstery business and need to decide on signing up for a class or winging it.

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