A Hiatus, A New Look, and Blogtober

New look, who dis?

I had a bonkers busy August. I realized I wasn’t able to keep up with my regular posting schedule as well as engage in my plans for a refresh of my website’s layout and visuals.

Starting in July, my summer became incredibly busy. From a best friend’s wedding to personal travel and events, I was busy. I was in the middle of big projects and fun travel plans and a stressful, but exciting move. I’ve been exploring opportunities that I’m excited to share with you. I’ve been visiting old haunting grounds and recording new memories. I’ve taken road trips and initiated beginnings. In short, it’s been a super busy period of time.

Thus, I shut down–took a hiatus from this site.

This blog has been a hobby blog, primarily born from my desire to write about my annual summer mix. (See here for the intro to my summer mix series.)

Then it grew to a lot more.

I love this as a space to track my personal goals.

To talk about ideas and concepts that are interesting me.

As an outlet for my travel posts.

For my plans and ideas and dreams.

This is a slightly new look for my website, but it’s not a new blog.

If I truly wanted to monetize this blog as a side hustle I would brand myself more coherently. But at its absolute core, I have to maintain this website for me, as my interest and hobby. And hopefully whatever readers are viewing this site find something valuable in its depths as well.

And if that weren’t enough, we’re entering Blogtober. So once again, I’m challenging myself to post every day through the month of October! I didn’t prep the way I promised myself I would, but I’m going to beat last year’s record.

Wish me luck. See you tomorrow.

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