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Q3 2018 Goals update

At the beginning of January I posted my 12 goals for the 12 months of 2018 (Not one per month, just a nice numeric alliteration of sorts). Since studies show that sharing goals gives you the same burst of endorphins as actually completing them, it’s even more important to keep reporting on progress. Thus, here’s my Q3 2018 update! (For Q1, see here, Q2, see here)

New Year, New Goals: 12 Goals for 12 Months in 2018

1. Catch up on podcasts – DONE

This is done. I’m caught up on the main ones I wanted to catch up on. And I’ve discovered a few new ones.

2. Learn how to wear false lashes – DONE

I have worn false eyelashes on at least three occasions for long periods of time! I’m living for the Vintage Cosmetic Company’s subtle and flexible Connie lashes. These are the perfect beginner lashes. They aren’t so striking that they seem unnatural. They are easy to apply and simple to use. I get no benefit out of praising these lashes to you. They are just awesome. I can officially cross this item off my list.

Bentley can’t see the difference, but they’re there!

3. California – Winchester Mystery House – DONE

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in January.

(It doesn’t look as spooky as it is!)

4. Scrapbook Year in Poland and Utah

My scrapbooking cabinet is almost done! Unfortunately, I’ve spent more time refurbishing that cabinet than I have scrapbooking. But it looks so good! I have spent a good amount of time organizing my materials and getting them in order!

5. Refurbish chair

This is an item that will probably get pushed to next year. I missed the first round of refurb classes in Omaha due to some scheduling conflicts (dang vacations!)

6. Go to ND – DONE

Kaitlyn and I went to the Notre Dame v. Vanderbilt game. It was everything I wanted. There’s something so energizing about that campus. It’s beautiful and inspiring. I finally saw my name written on the wall of the most trafficked area for Arts & Letters students as one of the winners of a prestigious national scholarship. I know it’s a small thing, but it felt reinvigorating. I haven’t left all that skill and success behind me yet.

7. Go to lantern festival

I bought my tickets to a local lantern festival that was coming up in May. Then two days later it was cancelled. I was devastated by that situation, and the unlikelihood that I’ll finish this goal in 2018.

8. Finish a crochet project

Expect an update on this by the end of the year. Crocheting is a fall thing.

9. Finish Polish course on Duolingo

Duolingo changed their Polish course, making it much easier to go through. I’ve completed 48 of the 67 courses. I stalled out a bit on this project, but I’m doing really well.

10. Run a 5K

This is a goal that’s more difficult due to its public nature than the actual activity. Still, at the beginning of September I jogged a 2 mile run successfully. The 5K is the next step, and I’m excited to take it!

11. Keep an ongoing project pan

This update us the same as before. I’ve become self-conscious about the project pan posts on this blog. Regardless, I’m still on track for this 2018 goal, to keep an ongoing project pan.

12. Finally get my tracking badge from Lose It

I’m counting this as done due to my time with the Whole30. If you’re interested in how I learned this may be a great goal, but perhaps not the right goal… check out this post¬†on resolution rude awakenings.

How are your 2018 goals going?

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