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Summer Bucketlist Finale

September 22 is the first day of Autumn. That means we only have slightly over a month and a half left of summer! Here’s my progress report on my 18 for Summer 2018 bucketlist.

1. Leashes at Lauritzen – Incomplete

I was unable to complete this in the summer. Things kept coming up that I prioritized over Leashes at Lauritzen, unfortunately. Poor Bentley will have to sniff the flowers next summer.

2. Shakespeare on the Green – DONE (last update)

3. Summer Arts Festival – DONE (last update)

4. Complete the first level of the Polish language Duolingo course – Incomplete

I also did not finish this. I was making amazing progress at it for a while, but then I just stopped. This is one of those weird tasks where you have to keep it top-of-mind. When I had spare time, I found myself engaging with some of my other hobbies rather than completing this.

5. Make my Summer Mix – DONE (last update)

6. Skydive – DONE

Um. So. I did a thing. A skydiving thing. FINALLY!

7. Move – In Progress

My future roommate and I are moving next week. Does that still count? It took me a while, but I’m working on this.

8. Outdoor movie night – Incomplete

In an ironic twist of fate, the movie I wanted to go see–Twister–was rescheduled due to tornado warnings… So, I did not complete this item either.

9. Wear sunscreen – Incomplete

I’ve done a great job of updating my skin care regime. However, I suck at wearing sunscreen! I don’t like the way it feels. I hate the way it soaks into your pores and makes your face greasy. I just have not been able to achieve this! My future self would probably love it if I could figure out sunscreen now and not after I’m all wrinkled with strange moles. So I’ll keep working on it.

10. Wear bright lipstick – DONE

This was obviously the easiest thing for me to complete. From purples and pinks to bright reds, I upped my lipstick game. I’d been stuck in a neutral rut for a while, so this was a fun project.

11. Have a photo session – DONE (last update)

12. Read – Semi-complete

Since my last update, I read a Mary Jo Putnam and Sarah MacLean romance and a book of essays by Alanna Massey. That only brought me up to 8 books of the 10 I was supposed to read. But that’s not bad!

13. Work on a certification – Semi-complete

I’ve been working on some SEO classes, but I haven’t yet achieved certification level.

14. Develop a side hustle – DONE

I was working on this update when I booked a freelance writing job. I still have a while to go before I can claim a side hustle, including developing some freelancer skills. But I’m counting this as complete!

15. Go to the zoo – Incomplete

I never did this either! I love the zoo. I just forgot about it. Mental note: Print off your summer bucketlist and keep it somewhere you can see it lest you forget what you were planning on achieving!

16. Try a new restaurant – DONE (last update)

17. Experiment with fun frozen cocktails – DONE

I introduced a number of people to the ice cream drink, grasshoppers, at a Disney Princess-themed event. I called them Jiminy Cricket. No, he isn’t a grasshopper. But it’s close enough.

18. Spend a day doing nothing – DONE

This is another item that’s almost hard to measure. I haven’t been good at being lazy. So even the days where I have “nothing to do” end up being full of little projects and errands. Is that just the nature of adulthood?!

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