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Fall Bucketlist 2018 Introduction

This year the weather turned cold alarmingly sudden. We went from 93 degrees to 50 degrees with a 60 mph wind storm that shook the house and brought down branches. It was the most fitting beginning to an October, blustery and a bit scary. Like scared teenagers surrounding themselves with salt in the turret of a shaky New England home while witches create a frenzied tornado outside.

I’m getting carried away. I only meant to say that the weather was perfect to introduce the Halloween season and introduce my Fall Bucketlist, which I’ll extend through Thanksgiving before possibly creating a Christmas Bucketlist.

Without further ado, here the 18 items I’m looking forward to experiencing to cement my fall experience.

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Have a bonfire
  3. Make s’mores
  4. Watch 5 horror movies
  5. Crochet something
  6. Drink hot apple cider
  7. Make pumpkin pie
  8. Get dressed up
  9. Make a gratitude journal
  10. Unpack from my move
  11. Read Dracula, another scary novel (and eight other books!)
  12. Develop my curated closet
  13. Cheer for my hockey team
  14. Cook fall soups/stews
  15. Scrapbook in front of the fire (probably candles)
  16. Make pumpkin dog treats
  17. Enjoy the turning leaves somewhere with a view
  18. Break out the dark lipsticks

Did I choose 18 because it’s 2018? Yes, but my summer bucketlist was a little too ambitious.

The difficult thing about seasonal to-do lists is keeping the balance between aspirational and possible. I don’t like looking at my lists and feeling defeated by what I haven’t done. If you aren’t inspired to keep going, then the list isn’t working for you. At the same time, on my summer bucketlist, I needed to go skydiving and to learn to wear false eyelashes. One of those is a much bigger undertaking than the other. (I’ll let you guess which.) Still, I wouldn’t have done either if I hadn’t written them down.

There is something so powerful about committing your goals to paper and then posting it for everyone to see–even when your goals are simple. Unlike my summer bucketlist, this fall bucketlist is more about enjoying the season than it is about crossing off goals.

Wish me well. What are you doing this year to mark autumn?

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