Four Reasons October is the Worst

There’s a million reasons to love October–give or take a few. Roasted pumpkin seeds, haunted houses, Halloween costumes, turning leaves, bonfires… all of these things call to mind the snap of cold air that ushers in a trio of holiday months and their corresponding, fun activities.

But there’s also a few truly awful, terrible, no-good things about the month of October.

I present for you: Four Reasons October is the WORST.

1. Candycorn.

Candycorn is revolting.

I’m not sure I need to say anything else about this tricolored nightmare food which will forever taint October by association.

2. Unpredictable weather.

Earlier this week, it snowed three inches. Today it’s sunny and 70. I do not have the appropriate wardrobe to deal with weather that can’t make up its mind.

On the upside, cold temperatures speed the death of the tree leaves. While death is a bummer, dead tree leaves are quite pretty–making a colorful pattern in the sky… and the subsequent warm weather enables you to get out and enjoy that scene comfortably.

Also my dog has taken a fondness to crunching along in fallen leaves. I don’t want to deprive him of that…

3. Dark mornings.

The only thing worse than forcing yourself from a comfy bed in the morning in order to go to work… is doing so in the dark.

October ushers in the dark horrible mornings that will stay with us, even with the Spring Forward/Fall Back attempts to make sure we live most of our waking hours in light.

4. Eleven months between Octobers.

After October 31st, you have to wait eleven WHOLE months until October 1st. What sort madness makes me wait 334 days between the best month and…the best month?


Perhaps the amount of things there are to love about October just make the bad things seem worse. Are you a legit October hater? What are your reasons October is the worst?

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