Journey or destination: what’s your travel style

One of the blog posts on my idea list that keeps getting pushed to the bottom is, “How to use your day planner to plan the perfect trip.” For those of you interested in reading that story, never fear. It will come one day. (Probably.) This, however, is not that story.

When I was younger, traveling with my grandma involved a detailed day-by-day itinerary. I thought that was what vacations were, and to this day, I’ve never fully adjusted to the concept of a beach vacation where you just laze about.

Before going to Greece last year, I wrote out the basic plan for each day in my agenda, cross-referenced it with the weather for that day, and used my wardrobe app to plan mix-and-match outfits for each day. My luggage was the lightest it has ever been for a trip of that length.

I’m leaving town tomorrow, and I haven’t packed. I have barely managed to get tickets or make reservations or plan events. I have not researched public transit situations, and there’s at least one friend I mentioned visiting that I have yet to make plans with.

Sometimes life gets in the way. This past month and a half has been hectic to say the least. I’d just put down the deposit on a new apartment when my roommate kicked me out of ours. Considering she’d done her best to make my life miserable for at least the last five months in addition to her normal inconsiderate behaviors, I suspected it was coming.

At the same time, I was dog sitting for a family outside of town. Thus I was juggling long commutes to and from the dog sitting house with cross-town moves from one apartment to the other. My former roommate kept making odd moves that were at times passive aggressive, threatening, or just plain oblivious–such as moving my things out of my designated spaces so she could fill those cabinets with her things and blocking my parking spot with junk.

Last weekend I very nearly finished all the decorating and unpacking in my current space, and this week was supposed to be calm and relaxing. Instead I remembered I needed to go to the DMV–an ordeal that can take either very little a lot of time. Along with an incredibly exciting work project that was excessively time consuming and social responsibilities….

Suffice it to say, I have a lot of excuses for not having planned better.

But I have high hopes for this trip. We aren’t playing the tourist, crossing items off a list. We’re experiencing a vacation and an adventure. And isn’t that the saying–the exciting stuff is the journey, not the destination.

How do you plan trips? Are you an overorganizer or a spontaneous Sally?

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