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Fall Bucketlist 2018 Finale

Go to a pumpkin patch, Have a bonfire, Make s’mores

I very cleverly knocked out the first three items of my fall bucketlist in one fell swoop. A coworker arranged an awesome pumpkin patch outing where she reserved a bonfire for our team. I happened to conveniently make sure my contribution to the evening was s’mores fixings.

Watch five horror movies

This seemed like a super great plan… Except my dog’s fear of horror movies has been growing. My poor, prickly, baby boy gets stressed out during horror movies. I still managed to get through:

The Boy, The Strangers, and Malevolent

While I was watching The Haunting at Hill House (which should count as 5 movies, since it’s 10 episodes), I tried to move Bentley to another room. Instead of sleeping, far away from the horror movie, he tried to scratch at the door. He never does that. 

Crochet something

I brought a crochet project to Thanksgiving. I’ve been working on this afghan for years. So many many years. I think it may have originated as a 4-H project. So many years that my mother has offered to finish it for me because I think its incomplete status is driving her crazy. But I’m still working on it!

This pattern involves 7 columns. I’ve finished 6 of them. I’m counting it.

Drink hot apple cider

Apple cider is one of those things I love but never purchase for myself. Luckily, at work food day, one of my coworkers provided some tasty apple cider to help me complete my fall bucketlist.

Make pumpkin pie

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. At least that’s the truth according to my brother, who made a shared spreadsheet for our Thanksgiving meal. He made sure I understood how importance the pie–and its specific pumpkin filling–would be to his Thanksgiving.

Get dressed up

I wish I’d created a better definition of what this looked like. But I can say that I’ve gotten dressed up a few times.

Make a gratitude journal

Yeah… I didn’t do this. I really should. So much research shows gratitude journals are valuable to your mental and physical health.

Unpack from my move

I did it! It took a significant amount of time. But I’m basically almost entirely unpacked. I am waiting on one small furniture item to unload a couple more boxes. But otherwise unpacked!

Read Dracula, another scary novel (and eight other books!)

On my 30 by 30 list, I said I wanted to read more books every year than the year before. This was a great intention of mine, but it turns out… I read too many last year. I thought in the fall I would aim for ten more books. And instead I got through eight.

Love and Other Scandals, Dracula, Hex, Into the Drowning Deep, We’re Going to Need More Wine, Bachelor Nation, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, The Fall of Lord Drayson

I’m currently reading The Hate U Give, The Curated Closet, and A Christmas Carol… so I’m working on it. I need to finish nine more books before January to meet that 30 by 30 goal.

Develop my curated closet

Did I mention I was reading The Curated Closet? I’ve been working on developing a more defined sense of style. I can’t say that I completely managed to do that during the fall. But I’ve been working through the exercises in the book.

Cheer for my hockey team

Notre Dame played UNO in October. I made a point to enjoy the crisp air of the hockey arena and a cold beer with good friends that night. I don’t know if I was even aware of that game when I made this list, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Cook fall soups/stews

I made a few soups/stews! It was one of the most exciting things about moving–I would suddenly have access to a kitchen. My previous residence had become such that I couldn’t use common areas. There was some serious hostility and passive aggressive actions, and it was easier to quietly plot my escape than engage in confrontation with someone I live with. However, I finally moved! And I immediately made a French Provencal Chicken Soup. Later I made a chili and some tasty chicken tortilla soup.

Scrapbook in front of the fire (probably candles)

I did not do my scrapbooking. The one thing I still need to move into my new place is the scrapbooking closet. It’s the last element that will bring my room together.

Make pumpkin dog treats

Bentley is extremely mad I wasn’t able to finish this one. What I did instead was organize his backlog of treats by expiration date to try and help us get rid of them all!

He did not get pumpkin treats, but hopefully the pumpkin toy counted!

Enjoy the turning leaves somewhere with a view

For a while I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to complete this. I was wondering if looking at the cemetery from the windows of my office would count. Then I went to New York and strolled around Central Park. Then I went to the Ozarks and stayed in a beautiful lake house and went hiking. The views are always there. It’s just a reminder to take them in.

Break out the dark lipsticks

I can definitely say I did this. The fall is my favorite for unusual and dark lipstick shades. Then I went to Bite Beauty in NYC and made my ultimate dark lipstick.

Another season has passed and another bucketlist is complete! Did you get everything done from your fall bucketlist?

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