The Bachelor Bracket Cheat Sheet – Colton’s Season

I am sorry to tell you all that there is a very low likelihood that I’ll be watching The Bachelor this season. In my opinion, Colton is a huge snoozefest, and for the first time in a long time, I’m not eager to watch a man who has no idea what he wants trick himself into thinking he’s in love with a woman just to inevitably have one or both of them end up heart broken.

Alas, I have made a tradition of providing a Bachelor bracket cheat sheet, and I would be remiss if I did not continue this proud tradition.

Alas (2), I have absolutely no interest in spending the time and effort to create my own cheat sheet. Thus, here is a link to reddit, where one of the wonderful posters in The Bachelor subreddit made a printable that’s much better than any I’ve ever created.

I also skimmed through the bios. Because as much as I don’t like Colton, I’d be remiss if I didn’t get to know the women of future seasons. They doubled down on ridiculous job titles. We have a dog rescuer, a sloth, Cinderella, and never been kissed. (Note: If I’m ever on any TV show, please don’t let anyone put a characteristic down as if it’s my job.)

There’s also the girl who flew to Japan for a first date (I can’t wait for that story).  Additionally, two Miss-States, who I imagine will be competing for some sort of Miss America or Miss USA title after they fight for Colton’s affections. Good job, producers. 

Are you watching this season? Let me know why or why not.

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