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New Year, New Goals: 12 Goals Finale

At the beginning of January I posted my 12 goals for the 12 months of 2018. A year has come and nearly gone. Thus, it’s time for the conclusion of this year’s resolutions. (For Q1, see here, Q2, see here, Q3, see here)

New Year, New Goals: 12 Goals for 12 Months in 2018

This year I became more flexible with my goals. I always knew that people change over time, but I’m surprised by how much more defined my goals and desires have become over a single 12 month track of time. I’ve moved more clearly from the things I think I “should” do or “should” want to do toward the things I feel genuine passion for.

1. Catch up on podcasts

The original goal was to catch up on Happier and Hidden Brain. I’m also caught up on My Favorite Murder and got some tickets to the live show when it hits Omaha next spring.

Speeding through all the episodes of My Favorite Murder also made for a new found fear of every noise I hear. Once, my former roommate’s kid sneaked downstairs to get his favorite toy out of the dryer, which was near my bedroom. Naturally, when he couldn’t get it into the dryer (at 3 a.m.), he woke me instead of his mom. And that was how I learned that when I’m convinced I’m about to be murdered, I will just lay there rather than hide or find a defensive weapon.

2. Learn how to wear false lashes

I’m living for the Vintage Cosmetic Company’s subtle and flexible Connie lashes. These are the perfect beginner lashes. They aren’t so striking that they seem unnatural. They are easy to apply and simple to use. 

3. California – Winchester Mystery House

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in January. Then I finally watched the incredibly disappointing movie “Winchester.” How they can take a story with so much potential and make it so bland is beyond me.

(It doesn’t look as spooky as it is!)

4. Scrapbook Year in Poland and Utah

This one is not getting completed this year. However, it’s still on my 30 by 30 list. So maybe January!? But… did I mention my amazing Scrapbooking Cabinet for storing and organizing my supplies!?

5. Refurbish chair

This item is getting pushed to next year. But I did sign up for the reupholstery class I need in order to get this item completed. At least I’m making progress on the things I didn’t complete.

6. Go to ND

Kaitlyn and I went to the Notre Dame v. Vanderbilt game. It was everything I wanted. There’s something so energizing about that campus. It’s beautiful and inspiring. I finally saw my name written on the wall of the most trafficked area for Arts & Letters students as one of the winners of a prestigious national scholarship. I know it’s a small thing, but it felt reinvigorating. I haven’t left all that skill and success behind me yet.

7. Go to lantern festival

I bought my tickets to a local lantern festival that was coming up in May. Then two days later it was cancelled. I was devastated by that situation, and I did not manage to finish this item in 2018. Maybe I’ll try to go to the bigger lantern festival somewhere exotic in the future.

8. Finish a crochet project

I have been working on an afghan for about 15 years. I’m not kidding. I learned to crochet, made a pot holder, and jumped into a giant afghan project…that I never finished. I put it to the side and took it with me every time I moved. In Poland I crocheted numerous scarves and an iPod holder. Then I again fell out of the loop.

But, Thanksgiving rolled around. And with my Thanksgiving roadtrip and with the subsequent travel day that was halted due to blizzard, I finished all seven of the seven interior panels for this blanket by the end of 2018. Is it a completed blanket? No. But I’m very pleased!

9. Finish Polish course on Duolingo

As of 12/17, I have nine courses left. That’s between 3-7 “lessons” per course. If I aim for completing at least three courses a day, I can still make this goal… Wish me luck.

10. Run a 5K

This is a goal that’s more difficult due to its public nature than the actual activity. I did a charity race through work, and I am pretty pleased with my results. More running may be in my future?

I did just move away from a living situation that had a treadmill. And away from a work place that had a gym on site. Sooo maybe I’ll move back toward yoga and hand weights.

11. Keep an ongoing project pan

I became self-conscious about the project pan posts on this blog. I’m not a makeup reviewer, and I’m not a great panner. But I have enjoyed keeping this goal! Next year, I think I’m moving to a more long-term project pan that focuses on some more hard-to-use projects.

12. Finally get my tracking badge from Lose It

I’m counting this as done due to my time with the Whole30. If you’re interested in how I learned this may be a great goal, but perhaps not the right goal… check out this post on resolution rude awakenings.

How did your 2018 goals go?

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