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2019 Goals: 19 for 2019?

I fully did not intend this to become a 19 by 2019 list. Already, with the 12 goals for 2018, I felt like I reached too high in some ways. To be fair, a couple of the goals that I did not achieve were not entirely due to lack of effort on my part (I’m looking at you, failed-attempt-at-a-lantern-festival).

This year I found there are a lot of goals I’ve been low-key working toward that would benefit from some focus this year. A few things–like a wardrobe audit–have been on my to do list for far too long. Others–such as ambitious financial goals–are more due to changes in my financial situation.

As I got up to the high teens in my resolution list, I figured I might as well go for a full 19 for 2019, a la Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast. Expect quarterly updates on my progress (or lack thereof).

1. Use one of every eyeshadow in my collection

My spreadsheet tells me this is 265 eyeshadow shades, but I’m not counting the black eyeshadows, so I’ll cross a few off. If I use 3-4 shades for an eye look, that’s only 100 days of wearing eyeshadow…

2. Use every lipstick in my collection

This grew a bit… My spreadsheet says I have 76 lipsticks or lip glosses in my collection. I feel no shame.

3. Write 52 Thank You Notes

The importance of gratitude can’t really be overstated. Writing thank you notes is a double benefit of focusing myself on gratitude and sharing that joy with others by helping them realize how appreciated they are.

4. Repair or donate all my broken jewelry

I have a few broken statement necklaces and injured earrings. I need to repair them or repurpose them. I also need to give up on a few nose rings that are pretty bad… maybe that will be an excuse to buy new ones?

5. Learn to read tarot

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to learn to read tarot cards. If you’re skeptical about this goal, I encourage you to follow Jessica Dore’s twitter account.

6. Reinvest in Bentley’s hygiene

Beautiful baby boy needs to get back to more regular teeth cleaning and hair brushing and nail trimming schedule. In my official capacity as dog mom, that’s up to me.

7. Buy quality boots

I bought a $37 pair of boots last February. According to my tracking app, I have gotten about 40 cents a wear use out of them. In the meantime, I’ve had to glue them back together; the soles are so thin it actually hurts and sometimes causes foot cramps if I’ve worn them on days with too much walking; and they leak. I think it’s about time I consider spending a little more on something I use so frequently.

8. Save a six month emergency fund

With my new job, I’m finally in a position where I can save in a really focused way. And there’s nothing like a new job to remind you that nothing lasts forever. So you’ll see a few savings goals in 2019.

9. Work on creating a curated closet

I’ve been talking about The Curated Closet for a few months. Unlike other books, this involves more research and active reflection than I expected, so it’s taking me a while to get to where I want. I’m at the point where I need to do a closet audit, and that means updating my Stylebook app.

10. Pay it forward more actively

I want to do more random acts of kindness. This is one of those goals that doesn’t follow my SMART principles of goal setting, but it’s still good.

11. Get my Duolingo Polish tree to level 2

In addition to working along my Duolingo Polish tree to get it all to level two, I want to develop another language study strategy. Something with more listening comprehension or speaking…or maybe see if there’s another Polish class at the Polish Center.

12. Do a no-spend week every other month

I’ve thought about doing a full no-spend month before, but there’s always a good reason to avoid it. A trip coming up, birthdays, exciting events. I guess that defeats the point of the no-spend month… but I figured I could do no-spend weeks easily. And hopefully by challenging myself to do six of them I’ll realize it’s not that easy after all.

13. Buy a bedspread

My beautiful baby boy has a bad habit of throwing up on my bed. So I haven’t had a nice bedspread in a couple of years. Blankets are easier to wash. However, since moving in October, Bentley hasn’t thrown up once. Was my previous living situation ACTUALLY toxic and not just mentally and emotionally draining? Who knows. But … new bedspread. I’m coming for you in 2019.

14. Save for a new mattress

Heyyyy savings goal number 2. You’re supposed to spend on things that go under you: shoes, mattresses, the graves of your fallen enemies. In addition to the boots, I need to spend some on my bed. Then I might need another new bedspread though…

15. Replace my phone

Heyyy savings goal number 3. My phone is hanging on, but just barely. More than anything I’m pretty annoyed about the poor quality of my camera.

16. Host a lite beer party

For years I’ve wanted to do a blind taste test to figure out what lite beer is the best lite beer. Since I’m stuck in town for my 30th Birthday, I’m thinking I might just host my own lite beer blind taste test party.

17. Renew my passport

My passport expires in August. It’s the passport that’s been with me through my year in Poland and all my subsequent travels. But it’s better to renew it now just in case I book that trip to Puerto Rico next week…

18. Run a 5k

Last year I just managed to drag myself to an early morning two mile charity race. Apparently 2 miles is not a 5k. But I did run the thing. I guess I’ll be having my marathon-loving roomie train me…

19. Post 125 blogs

125 blogs is twice a week with some cushion for Blogtober… maybe I’ll win Blogtober this year?!

That’s it. That’s what I’m doing this year. What sort of goals and priorities are you setting for yourself in 2019?


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