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2019 Goals Update

I expected to wait until the end of 2019 Q1 before posting an update to my goals, but I’ve been so pleased with my progress that I couldn’t wait any longer.

1. Use one of every eyeshadow in my collection

Originally this was 265 shades. In the last two months, I used 85 eyeshadows, or 32% of shades. I’m pleased with this progress, but I also know that I’ve probably picked a lot of the easier/less interesting shades. So the bold colors are yet to be included. Meaning, this will be more challenging than I thought, but I’m still happy with what I’ve done.

I have been lusting after the Natasha Denona Gold eyeshadow palette for a while now. I think if I manage to complete this goal, and if I cancel my Boxycharm, I can justify the ridiculous extravagance of such a purchase.

2. Use every lipstick in my collection

I have completed 20 of the 76 I started this list with. That’s only 26%, which puts me on track. Some of my pinks and oranges are more summer colors, but I have made great progress with my darker, winter and autumnal shades.

3. Write 52 Thank You Notes

This was an important task to me. I want to do better at letting people know how much I appreciate them. My birthday afforded many opportunities for Thank You notes, but there are many more to be had to reach this goal.

4. Repair or donate all my broken jewelry

So far the only progress I have made is getting rid of uncomfortable nose rings. I have also put all my jewelry requiring repair in one bag. But the actual work has yet to begin.

5. Learn to read tarot

Well, I was feeling pretty good about this update, but here’s the second item I’ve made very little progress on. I’m excited to play around and learn tarot cards.

6. Reinvest in Bentley’s hygiene

I’ve done a good job keeping up with his brushing and his nails. But I do need to spend more time brushing his teeth.

7. Buy quality boots

I went to so many stores. I tried on every boot in my size at a number of places. Nothing quite fit right. Nothing quite felt comfortable enough. Nothing had the support and warmth and quality I wanted. And finally, I gave up and bought a squeaky pair of average-fitting boots so I could replace the leaky ones I was wearing regularly. The very next day I found an incredible pair that fit perfectly. So I’m crossing this item off my list.

8. Save a six month emergency fund

I didn’t quite establish what a six-month emergency fund entailed. Is it the absolute bare minimum that I would need to cover six months of expenses? Or is it the equivalent of six months of wages? Either way, I’m still working on this one.

9. Work on creating a curated closet

I have not worked further on my curated closet using the book. However, I have updated my Stylebook app to include every clothing item in my closet excepting unmentionables and workout clothes.

10. Pay it forward more actively

In my initial post I admitted that this didn’t have SMART goal setting principles established with it. And that has definitely been a factor in me being uncertain on how to assign proof of my success or failure.

11. Get my Duolingo Polish tree to level 2

I became extremely overeager on this point when I realized I could quickly pass out of levels on Duolingo on my computer. Then I befriended my cousin, who had impressive Duolingo score… so I wanted to match her… Then I thought I might be able to max out the Polish tree in a year… then I dropped the ball all around on this. So I’ll keep working on it in 2019.

12. Do a no-spend week every other month

I have not even started this. And now I am looking at a whole no-spend month to try to catch up!! I think I’m a little intimidated by this goal and don’t know quite how to achieve it. But I believe in myself.

13. Buy a bedspread

In my initial post I claimed that Bentley hadn’t thrown up in a long time, making this a wonderful time for me to abandon my wild, many-blanket ways and finally get a nice bedspread. Alas, my beautiful baby boy then preceded to get super sick. After a few nights of not sleeping because he kept waking me up to vomit, and more washing of bedding, I slowed my roll on this goal. An additional concern is this goal in combination with goal number 14… Shall I buy a bedspread only to buy a larger mattress!?

14. Save for a new mattress

I have been working on this quite well, and I’m pleased with my progress. The next step will only be to figure out exactly what factors to consider when buying a mattress.

15. Replace my phone

This goal for 2019 is one that I am not pleased I have already accomplished. I was hoping this would be something achieved much later in the year. My phone stopped working reliably. And my eventual 2019 goal became a very immediate 2019 goal. Alas, I was able to handle it due to the goals I’ve been setting for myself. So hurrah to unexpected expenses arising when you’ve been low-key planning for them.

16. Host a lite beer party

Someone who is a much better and more generous person than I am threw me an amazing 30th birthday party and included my lite beer tasting as one of the super fun activities. She planned it in ways I wouldn’t have even considered and made it truly amazing. And in summary, I’m counting this item as complete.

17. Renew my passport

I have done the extreme work of printing off the application. I just need to get some photos taken and send this in. I’m on the way. I just need to get it done.

18. Run a 5k

Marathon-loving roomie would love it if I’d made more progress on this. It’s not too late for this.

19. Post 125 blogs

I’m behind on this I figured it out, and even with Blogtober, I didn’t give myself as much cushion as I thought I had. I’ll keep up my plan for a twice-a-week posting schedule. But I have little hope that I will manage to make the 125 blogs I have planned, especially as I balance side hustles and social lives. But I will do my best.

How are you doing with your new year resolutions?

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