The most tempting purchase

I am in lust.

With a $129 eyeshadow palette.

I know, it’s madness. Nothing could possibly be high enough quality to justify that price tag. Already, there are amazing eyeshadow palettes in the $36-52 range. Why would I possibly need to spend three times that for this?

I don’t know.

I just know that I want it and have since it came out.

To avoid impulse purchasing this, I have confirmed that it is a part of the permanent collection, eliminating the FOMO aspect of buying… thinking you could miss out if you don’t purchase it right away.

Next I told myself that maybe if I complete my 2019 goal of using every eyeshadow in my collection that I could justify buying another palette.

Then I thought to myself… if I canceled my Boxycharm, a wonderful subscription that I enjoy getting but which has directly contributed to a ridiculous amount of makeup in my collection over the past three years… then maybe I could get it.

Then, I got a new freelance gig and told myself I could buy the palette, if I put the rest in savings. (And subsequently my phone broke, necessitating a sooner than expected replacement.)

I have spent so much time engaged in trying not to buy this palette, despite my continued desire for it.

This raises the questions for me:

Why exactly am I resisting this purchase so much?

And should I just buckle down and buy it?

Perhaps this is the lesson of big purchases. For me, the indecision on this purchase is related to the incredible expense of a luxury item that will mostly be a collector’s piece because it would be hard to get enough use out of it. Treating myself in such a big way makes me feel guilty. If you’re in the same boat, try creating rules for when and how you can buy that item. And don’t forget to do check-ins to make sure you still want the item. At the end of the day, if you can afford that item… maybe you should wait for the Sephora spring sale and treat yourself.

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