The Bachelor and Bachelorette Brackets

Hannah Beast’s Bachelors: Bachelor Contestant Cheat Sheet for Your Fantasy Team

This year ABC decided to do me dirty by posting their contestants on Facebook instead of on the official website. We’re two weeks out from the premiere, and still the ABC website only shows Chris Harrison and Hannah Beast as this season’s cast.

As an infrequent FB user, I was unaware of this development until I stumbled across a reddit post… (Thanks, reddit.) Alas, this means for this season’s cheat sheet, I’m directing you again to the same talented individual who made last season’s.

In my dream world there would be more room for notes or a different background. But this isn’t my dream world, and I didn’t have to make this myself. Also in my dream world, the contestants would have adequate lighting. My most generous assumption is that they didn’t have time to edit the photos because ABC was trying to scoop Reality Steve. But… who knows. What I do know, is that this is a pretty banging cheat sheet.

Since ABC hasn’t posted the bachelors yet, I also don’t have commentary on the contestant bios. How will we survive, not knowing their favorite movies, how many tattoos they have, and the worst thing they’ve ever done on a date? Hey, remember that time some contestant said his biggest turn off was chipped nail polish? That reminds me of the time in real life a guy told me I had no idea how expensive razors are… Right… I, as a woman who shaves her legs, have no idea how expensive razors are…

Without further ado, here’s your reddit link to this beautiful, beautiful print out… Hannah B’s Bachelorette Bracket Cheat Sheet:

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