Howdy Hi Where I’ve Been

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have posted on this blog. And while I know my loyal readers are pretty much entirely people who also know me in real life, (Hi there!), I’m keenly aware of the weirdness I feel in not addressing my absence.

I feel like an entire football team that walks off the field mid-play and leaves the stadium without a word. Maybe some of the fans know what’s going on. Maybe others were only there for the overpriced beer and nachos. Still, it’s unnerving in a way.

The long (and short) story is that I lost track of writing for this blog because I started writing for others. My side hustles have taken off. I started this blog to scratch an itch–this yearning to write about a personal connection to summer playlists that no one else listened to. Then it morphed into part diary and part tracker for my goals and hobbies.

Then it became a chore.

So I took an unannounced break.

I focused on career, on relationships, on hobbies, on adventure, on travel.

And now… for a little bit… I may be back. Because I think I’m doing the ill advised thing and attempting Blogtober for the third year in a row. Wish me well. See you tomorrow?

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