Blogtober, Year 3, Day 2

It’s Blogtober again! What does that mean? Basically, I’ll be attempting to post a blog every day in October.

I could track back the past two years to confirm, but I think the most success I’ve had was a whopping 19 days.

But here we go. Year three. Day two. Trying again.

It makes me wonder. What is it about Blogtober that inspires me to try again and again? Is this like the years I tried and tried to complete Nanowrimo until I succeeded? And, like Nanowrimo, will I stop trying in subsequent years once I’ve achieved “success”? Will I feel this task, once completed, also signals the end of this blog? If so, perhaps I can pretend that my Blogtober failures are due to a reluctance to formally close the proverbial doors to this space on the internet.

Sometimes the whys matter a lot less than the hows or the dos. I know my penchant for contemplation has the ability to keep me from making the changes I contemplate.

This Blogtober, I’ll try to focus a little less on what I’m doing and why and how. Instead, I’ll just aim for 31 posts. Even if I fail, maybe I’ll hit 20.

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