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2019 Fall (October) Bucket list

Fall is by far my favorite season. The crispness in the air. The changing colors. The sudden cold snap.

This year, I didn’t have as much time to prepare for fall. I went from two weeks in Europe to three and a half weeks housesitting at my parents’ house with no break. The weather went from the 80s to the 30s overnight.

And at first, it was difficult to focus on the season. I was so intent on readjusting to work and life. Then, the demands of home responsibility caught up with me. In between endless days of downpours, I was picking up apples from our apple trees, collecting tomatoes from the garden, taking care of three puppies, and keeping a house as tidy as possible.

Then, in the midst of this, I decided to attempt Blogtober again!? What I am thinking?

With this mindset–the mindset that focuses on everything you have to do–it’s easy to let time slip away. It’s easy to lose track of the seasons and the little moments. The joy of walking through crunching leaves. The fun of embracing a season, with everything it entails. Even if those things are basic bitch Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

As such, I pulled together a Fall Bucketlist, which I am now posting here.

1. Host a Halloween Party

I’m afraid my poor roomie has already been suckered into this. Get your costume. Get your party shoes. And. Get. Excited.

2. Carve a pumpkin

I’m already ahead of the game on this one. My gentleman brought me a nice pumpkin, and I’ve picked out a really fun stencil.

3. Make pumpkin seeds

I couldn’t carve a pumpkin without roasting the pumpkin seeds! What would be the point?

4. Watch seven horror movies

I made some headway on this already. However, I’d really like to rent some of the ones that have been on my list. I already watched the new Suspiria, so I’d like to see the older one. Midsommar is also high on my watch list.

5. Read four horror books

The book club book du jour was Frankenstein. And I’ve started Ann Rule’s The Stranger Beside Me. So there’s definitely some potential here. On our trip, I finished There’s Someone Inside Your House. So maybe I’ve made more progress on this than I realize.

6. Make soup

I am in soup mode! I want to make some soups! And no, my go-to chili will not count for this. I’ve already made that this fall. I need some beer cheese soup or some chunky potato soup or some chicken tortilla soup.

7. Apple cider it up

I’m thinking Apple Cider donuts? Apple cider pie? Apple cider? Special apple cider at my Halloween party?

8. Refresh my candle stash

This is the season for amazing candle scents. And for someone with weird scent sensitivities, the earthy, musky fall scents are where it’s at for me. The floral and sugary sweet scents of spring and fall make me sick.

That’s it. It’s not a huge list. But, in the past I’ve given myself full seasons to complete seasonal bucket lists. I just know I’m not going to be able to fit in pumpkin patches and hayrack rides this year. But there’s always next year!

What’s on your fall bucketlist?

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