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Pilot Pete’s Bachelor Bracket Cheat Sheet – Cast Printable

I’m sneaking out from the rock I’ve been hiding underneath to prepare for the January 6th premiere of Pilot Pete’s Bachelor season. This includes providing my classic Bachelor Bracket cheat sheet.

I stepped up my game to make a printable letter-sized cheat sheet of all the contestants on Peter’s season of the Bachelor! This is a game changer for all of you who can’t tell your Laurens apart when you’re setting your brackets. Luckily, there’s only one Lauren to be found in this cast. Peter also appears to have slightly more diverse taste than previous bachelors, with a noticeable uptick in WOC in the cast.

One thing lacking in diversity is age. Peter is 28, and only three of the ladies meet or surpass him in age. On the other hand, 13 women come in at ages 22 to 24.

Still, age doesn’t equal maturity or ability to find love or possibility of success as an influencer… That said, this year the bios were more wordy and less full of fun facts. We have a few beauty queens in the bunch, showing that producers have found a formula that works. The bios also reveal the the producers think liking cowboy boots and doing pilates is a personality. Other than that, here’s a few relevant fun facts:

Avonlea is a model they’re trying to claim is a cattle rancher. Her interesting fact is that she thanks her cows when she milks them…

Deandra hates EDM.

Hannah Ann is another aspiring interior decorator and part-time model (Instagram?) who lives at home.

Jenna likes trivia and has a goldfish named George who gives great advice. I’m not saying Jenna will win (she won’t), but I hope she sticks around. Because hers was the first bio with a lot of personality.

I said that until I got to Katrina, who has a hairless cat. No, owning an ugly animal doesn’t give you a personality. BUT on Halloween, the cat dressed as Katrina, and Katrina dressed as the cat. I cannot wait for these intro packages.

Lauren has exit interviews with her exes. Goals.

Maurissa was a pageant girl, who apparently was a normal weight. Then has lost 80 pounds and counting. I am seriously worried about her in this cast of women and the psychological warfare of produced reality television.

Natasha is the self-described quiet one who will definitely have a hard time the first night. This is too bad because I would love to see her disco yoga fitness movement take off.

Something about Savannah’s biography, detailing a six-year “on-and-off relationship” really rubbed me the wrong way. Then I got to the point where she gets Vampire Facials. I have a feeling I will detest her, therefore she is almost certain to win.

Victoria P. is afraid of chicken served on the bone.

There you go. That is all you need to know. All the highlights. We might as well skip the season. KIDDING (of course).

The Peter’s Cast bracket cheat sheet PDF and Image files are below:

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