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2020 Resolutions: Setting Goals for the New Year

This year, for resolutions, I intend to take on a few at a time, rather than throwing myself into all of them. Some of these really are year-long goals. But I’ve found that resolutions tend to nestle into each other. Get healthier. Eat less. Run a 5k. Cook new things. These can all relate to each other. So I haven’t quite structured how I’m going to achieve my resolutions yet, but… it’s coming.

Learn Tarot

The first of my twelve goals is one that I intended to do in 2019. I did not make it very far. Part of my problem was that I wanted to space it out to learn this slowly and really internalize the lessons. Instead, I would space out my efforts too far. This is a task that benefits from consistency.

In some ways, learning to read tarot is more about learning to interpret signs. It’s tied to themes in art and history and mysticism. It’s tied to looking for connections and understanding how the world can fit together. It’s almost a meditative practice in staying aware of the forces around you. Which ties into my second resolution.

Write More Thank You Notes

Last year, I challenged myself to write 52 thank you notes. I have to admit that I lost track of the ones I did send. But, I can guarantee you it was less than 52. I think I tapped out in the 20s. This year, I’m going to put 52 thank you note cards in a box. I will know that I’ve achieved this goal when I run out of those notecards. It’s such a simple solution that I’m almost mad I didn’t think of it the first time around.

You may be wondering how I think this ties into tarot? In some ways, looking for reasons to send Thank You notes is akin to being aware of the opportunities to share gratitude. Just as learning tarot encourages me to be aware of the forces connecting the world around me and my internal emotions, writing thank you notes challenges me to really take the time to experience gratitude. Which, leads me to my next resolution.

Do More Service Work

This year, we adopted some seniors through the Eastern Nebraska Office of Aging and the Notre Dame Alumni club. This was a great opportunity to give back. However, I still know that I have so much more I can be giving. While I participated in volunteer opportunities and ran fundraising events at work, I really feel we all benefit from more face-to-face service work. In high school, one of the requirements for your service hours to count toward graduation was that a portion had to be face-to-face. It’s easy to donate money, give clothing or food, attend a fundraiser, etc. It’s more challenging to give your time to someone.

Reenergize My Language Learning

My goal for 2019 was to reach the second level of my Duolingo Polish tree. I have done a great job of raising the levels of my lessons. However, I spent a little too much time getting to levels 4 and 5 in the earliest lessons. When I was struggling with the harder ones, I reverted back to quick wins on the earlier levels to make me feel better.

Yes, I know Duolingo is not the end-all, be-all for language learning. Still, this is a hobby that is important to me. I know I’m stagnating. My 2020 goal is to complete the entire Duolingo Polish tree at level 5. Is this ridiculous? Potentially. I only wanted to get everything to level 2 earlier, and I failed at that. Still, ambitious goals might lead to better results.

Do a Reading Challenge

There are a number of 2020 Reading Challenges out there. From Bingo cards to genre challenges to more intricate selection criteria (The A-Z challenge of reading books that start with different letters of the alphabet). I will do a separate post on my plan, but I plan to keep this light. I want to have the flexibility to pick the books I want to read when I want to read them and not get stuck in a challenge I won’t complete.

Post 52 Blogs

Once again, we have something on my list that was similar to a 2019 goal. In 2019 I wanted to post something like 125 blogs. When I started the year, this seemed like a possibility. Then, in January, I went on contract with an online publication. The hours I would have spent to update my blog weekly were going into research and writing for pay.

I did not reach my 2019 goal. However, my contract has slowed down from 1-4 articles a week to 1 article every other week, opening up some time in my schedule. I’d like to refocus on my blog, as it helps me track my goals. And as I post about all the 2019 goals I did not achieve, I definitely need to reenergize and refocus this upcoming year.

Take Classes for My Career

This past year, I had to brush up on Adobe skills for my new job. Still, growth in your skillsets is important. I have signed up for individual courses on Coursera, and I intend to continue to develop classes that will aid my career goals.

Save More/Smarter

I did an exceptional job on my savings goals for 2019. I made an emergency fund. I increased my retirement savings. I started investing. I did what I needed to do. In 2020, I need to take a close look at what I’m spending and ensure I stay on track. I don’t want to slip into spending more than I should just because I have the money to spend. I want to stay mindful about spending on necessities and things I value. Sure, I’ll still splurge on show tickets and experiences. But I can probably stand to dial down in some other areas.

Figure Out My Morning Routine

I have been protective of my sleep practices, investing in an amazing sunrise alarm clock and a white noise machine. Still, mornings continue to be a struggle for me. I find no matter how early I go to sleep or how much sleep I get, my brain and body really resist functioning in the a.m. I have read all the articles and watched all the videos on how to become a morning person. Becoming a morning person is NOT my goal. However, I’d like to work on some strategies to ease the morning suffering and consistently wake up, if not cheerfully, at least on time.

Figure Out My Health Motivation

I have not been focused on my health at all. I haven’t been treating my body well. I have struggled knowing that I am doing this but not really caring much to put the effort in to change that. I really need to figure out how to motivate myself to make some positive changes in my life. I don’t know exactly what this looks like. I’m tempted to start with some books that might help me reframe my mindset. Then maybe incorporate some tracking strategies (through a bullet journal or app) to hold me accountable… Maybe some specific goals with reward tiers. Unfortunately, due to the ambiguous nature of the last three posts, they will have to be the first things I focus on. Otherwise I’ll roll into November and think “Oh shoot, I was supposed to figure out how to do mornings!”

Run a 5K

I’ve had this on my 30 by 30 list and my 2019 list. Well, this year I finally signed up for one. And no, the last corporate race I ran did not count because it was 2 miles, not 5K.

Learn to Cook 6 New Things

I need to go through the lists of things I want to learn and come up with six good options. This past year I didn’t challenge myself too frequently in the kitchen. I only experimented a few times, including making crème brulee. I will come up with six things to experiment with… then cook them!

That’s it! My twelve resolutions, loosely for the 12 months of 2020. What are your goals, plans, or resolutions for the new year?

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