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2020 Reading Challenge

As you may be aware, there are twelve months in a year.

I know. Shocking information.

In 2019, I read a whopping 30 books. To diversify my reading for 2020, I wanted to start a reading challenge. However, a full 20 items seemed too limited to my already fairly slow reading pace. As such, I’m presenting my 12 book 2020 reading challenge… and my proposed titles.

1 – Read a book made into a movie/TV show

I can’t decide what I’m going to go with for this category, so instead I made a list of a few books I own that also fit the bill.

The Girl with All the Gifts
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Practical Magic
The Remains of the Day

2 – Read a book by a Nebraska author

Is it too cliché to go with Willa Cather’s My Antonia? Yes? I might do it anyway.

3 – Read a fantasy, myth, or fairy tale

Cinder is one modern retelling of a fairy tale that I’ve been holding onto in my book collection for a while now. This will be a bit lighter than some of the other books on this list (hopefully) and will add a welcome break during this reading challenge.

4 – Read a book in translation

100 Years of Solitude is a book club selection (for June). I have tried and failed to get through it before. I love the language of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I’m excited for another crack at this one.

5 – Read a book by a nonbinary or LGBTQ+ author

I have been meaning to read either Hunger or An Untamed State by Roxane Gay.

6 – Read a classic

Don Quixote is our March book club book. Am I cheating by slipping these book club books in there? Yes, probably. But I’m going to do it.

7 – Read a nonfiction book

There are so many nonfiction books in my TBR pile. I’m nominating Sleepless in Hollywood by Lynda Obst for this category. I’ll be curious to see what I actually get to during this reading challenge, but I know Linda Holmes, of NPR fame, has mentioned this one.

8 – Read a book that won an award in the 2010s

For this selection, I’m going with the Tenth of December short story collection by George Saunders. I actually saw him give a lecture at Notre Dame, and he was very engaging. This was on a few lists of lauded books from the last decade. And even though the short stories in this 2013 compilation were largely written before the 2010s, I’m going to count it. (Can you tell how much research I had to do for this one?)

9 – Read a book recommended by a close friend

This is more of a recent recommendation from the past year, but I’m adding The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo as a possible option for this category.

10 – Read a biography/memoir

I’m throwing Peggy Guggenheim’s Confessions of an Art Critic in as my possible pick for this category of the reading challenge.

11 – Read a book on finance

Akin to a non-fiction, there are a number of personal finance books I’ve been intending to read. Some of these include The Millionaire Next Door, Your Money Your Life, and The Intelligent Investor.

12 – Read one of the oldest books in your TBR pile

This is a tough one, with a lot of options. I’m going with The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Published in 2005, I’m 90% certain I had this in a hardcover in my childhood bedroom for years… then bought a copy for kindle… and still haven’t read it. So this should be good!

That’s it. My propose reading challenge for 2020 and the possible books accompanying it. Do you have a reading challenge this year?

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