The Bachelor and Bachelorette Brackets

Matt’s Bachelor Bracket Cheat Sheet

I wasn’t planning on pulling this together. Every year it seems I finally give up and post this only to find someone with more time and graphic design skills puts one on Instagram or Reddit that’s much much better.

However, I personally cannot survive a season of The Bachelor or the Bachelorette without a cheat sheet for when I’m watching to help my bracketology.

A cheat sheet of names and faces of contestants helps me remember names, take notes, and generally guides my bracket strategy. While we’re luckily experiencing some more diversity this year compared to years past, pretty girls can blend together for me.

With that, I’ll admit I did not read the bios this year. It’s just a time consuming process, and the bios for Clare/Tayshia’s season were so uninspired. Though I am curious about Queen Victoria on this season.

Below you have an image file and the pdf. Choose wisely and enjoy the first Bachelor of 2021.

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