The Bachelor and Bachelorette Brackets

Katie’s Bachelorette Bracket

As always, I need a names and faces cheat sheet when watching the Bachelorette. With the newest season coming up, it’s time for another Bachelorette Bracket cheat sheet for Katie’s season.

Who are the men on Katie’s season? Who are these contestants? Why do they always look so similar, and how can you tell them apart?

That’s where my quick printable comes in. Print this Bachelorette Bracket for a quick reference to keep track of the men. Take notes. Know who is the one with the crazy entrance or the crazy job.

This is not the prettiest cheat sheet. For graphic design, look elsewhere. This is a functional cheat sheet purely to keep track while you dominate your Bachelorette Fantasy League.

Want it in PDF? We got you. Want it in PowerPoint? We got you. Want to take the terrible image version and print that because you don’t trust the downloads at the end of this post? That’s your prerogative.

You too can be the girl who tells the Ryans apart. (Spoiler. There are no Ryans this season.)

If you want to scope out the amazing details of these hunka-hunka burning bachelors, make sure to go through the ABC bios. I’m 90% sure they’re full of it, but how else will you know that Cody’s favorite TV show is Jersey Shore? Or that Brandon likes to attend the occasional rave? Or that Gabriel sounds low-key insufferable. Or that “Christmas lights make Landon very happy” and “John thinks swing dancing is so much fun”?

(I know, with my less than stellar record of maintaining this blog, I shouldn’t sass terrible online writing. But dang, that’s pretty gosh darn bad.)

With that, I will leave you with the amazing printable Bachelorette Bracket cheat sheet of names and faces to help you dominate your fantasy bracket this Bachelorette season. Many best wishes to you, and may the roses be with you this June 7.

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